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This truck and car dolly were one way rentals from Salem to Lewisburg, TX. 1,8040 miles. Equipment problems. The car dolly's right light had been hit and dislodged from the fender. It was held on by "plastic zip ties." Once the truck was loaded, we hooked up the dolly and strapped down the car. It was then we noticed the right light did not work. It took 5 hours to get this light replaced and properly connected to the trailer. This happened before we began our trip. Day 1 and 2 of our drive, the truck was pulling very hard to the left. On the afternoon of (drive) day two, the steering problem become worse. At this point we inspected the front tires and found the right inboard tread of the tire was worn smooth. I photographed the tire and contacted roadside assistance. I was instructed to remain at my location until the tire was replaced. We were delayed 3 hours waiting until we could continue our trip. Once the right tire was replaced, the truck drove normally. Day four of our trip, only 1 hour and 30 minutes from our destination, the outboard right rear tire blew completely apart lowering the loaded truck on the the wheel. The inboard tire was flat with almost NO TREAD. This happened on a busy interstate highway. With some difficulty I was able to get the truck into the breakdown lane. Local police arrived and stayed on site until roadside assistance could come. The inboard tire was worn out and went flat putting all the trucks weight on the one outboard tire which then overheated and blew OUT. I have photographs of all of these problems. When I returned the truck, I recounted what had happened to the store manager. She reported she was only able to credit us $300 but would create some sort of review document for the "high ups." Even though I've used U-Haul equipment in the past, I doubt I'll ever be able to trust the company again. How can a truck with 114 thousand plus miles and 2 bad tires be offered to someone moving this far ONE WAY? Why wasn't the dolly light AND the tire conditions inspected? Fortunately, I was able to safely bring the truck a stop without losing control after the tires blew out and dropped the rear axle onto the outboard wheel? I could have lost control, lost my life and perhaps injured others because of this negligence. After this "trip from hell" I get a $300 credit? Really? U-Haul has 30 days to respond to me about this situation from someone "higher up" than the store manger in Lewisville or I am considering contact legal counsel.

Stephen S. 
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