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brenda L.

I was promised a full tank of gas and hand trucks. I waited 45 mins on the attendant to wait on customers; as they came into the store I was asked to wait. Next I was told I had to receive a text message to send my drivers license. However, I could not get a signal on my phone and had to walk around in the parking lot over ten minutes trying to get a signal and ended up having to use a mans phone I hired to help with my move. What about people who do not use cell phones? or people who still use the flip phones and do not have the ability to upload pictures??? The program is dysfunctional. After standing around for an hour,I finally get the truck and ask if the hand truck is in the back, the attendant informs me they do not supply those at his location!!! Moreover, I am running an hour behind now and the truck is only on 1/2 tank of gas which means that I am going to have to be delayed even longer and also buy gas!!! Furthermore, the truck did not have cruise and drove like crap!

Annette B.

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James S.

Took more than 45 minutes to get rental registration done. I had to do hook up myself, one of tail lights were out so I was advised to switch to another trailer. I proceeded to unhook from fist and connect to second. Then had to unhook from second and go back to first, about 90 minutes there. Very poor service!!!!!

michael L.

Just train the ppl to be customer friendly. Also th ed re was an issue with the truck the fuel gauge had intermitent problems .I never new how much fuel it had and I had trouble with the trailer/ car hauler tail lights making it only drivable in the day.

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