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David G.

A service station that rents U-haul equipment. The clerk had no idea how to rent any equipment. I had already arranged the rental using the U-haul App. I left the site with only the trailer. I did not have any blankets or a hand truck that I had reserved on the app. I also did not have any paperwork showing I rented the trailer. On top of that the clerk took a picture of my driver's license on his personal phone. That act can be a cause of great regret later. The clerk directed me up the street to another U-haul place for the blankets and hand truck. The lady there said this was not the first time this had happened. She was also kind enough to issue me some paperwork so I had proof of rental.

jackie M.

when I dropped the trailer off I did not receive anything proving that I brought it in . I had the young man sign something indicating that I left the trailer there. I thought it was strange that there wasn't a paper trail

Tim P.

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