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BILLIE JEAN H. | Expérience générale |
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The office staff was rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. When we moved in they where loud, using profanity and unprofessional. We assumed it would be ok since we wouldn't have much contact with the staff and rented a space anyway. Plus we would only be there until spring. Yesterday my husband went to put the riding mower in for the winter and realized his extention ladder was gone. When he contacted the office personnel she made the excuse "someone affiliated with the storage company must have thought it was theirs and is using it". Long story short, my husband had to threaten to call the police and report it stolen. The staff person had a attitude and was speaking to my husband as if we were being unreasonable for want it returned immediately. She said "the person is working and owns other property's so he can't just drop everything to bring back your ladder". " I'll call you back after I call him, because I have customers in here and I need to attend to them". All the while her attitude was disrespectful, rude and uncaring. My husband ended the call and found a different location. She called back about 45 minutes later to tell us the ladder was back. 30 minutes later we moved out. We can not trust them with our things. We went against our better judgment and rented a space there. We will never make that mistake again. They changed the hours of operation and the days open per week to have access to our things.. You have to make an appointment to come before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. to get your property. With a financial surcharge for them opening up the warehouse. There is also a hourly fee while staff is there to be onsite during none hours of operations. Also there is a fee for paying your bill after hours. This is a horrible place. I feel we should receive a refund for the month of December. We were only there 11 out of 31 days.

JAMES R. | Expérience générale |
Évaluation :

I had a storage unit for 5 years there. When i went to check on my stuff. Over half of it was missing.

estella h. | Expérience générale |
Évaluation :

I wish they were a 24 hour 7days a week facility. My only other complaint is they didn't have a elevator for disabled or handicap individuals installed.

Amanda B. | Expérience générale |
Évaluation :

I didn’t move out my unit was Auctioned off!!!!

sharon w. | Réservation |
Évaluation :

Need to cancel this request I called in friday 9/20/2019 but customer service couldn't fine my request for storage unit So she cancel my request for the truck rental.. Thanks

Jade C. | Réservation |
Évaluation :

They took care of me and got me in a bigger unit than I reserved. The staff there are amazing and really care about the customer. They do accept equipment as well.

Ramonda F. | Réservation |
Évaluation :

Everything was fine they were very professional.

Frank F. | Réservation |
Évaluation :

Friendly and efficient

Jiayuan C. | Réservation |
Évaluation :

This is just like I expected.

Thelma G. | Réservation |
Évaluation :

Sorry couldn't get things moved out at the timed I had planned.

Santos C. | Réservation |
Évaluation :

Unit requested was unavailable-had larger units only-Elevator not working-Having a physical disability makes it extremely hard to take heavy items up the stairs. Lots of wet/bulky areas through out.

MATTHEW W. | Expérience générale |
Évaluation :

Hi, the price when I started was great for my size. The people were friendly and helpful at times especially. The maintenance of the place and physical upkeep of elevator was rather poor condition.

STEVEN R. | Réservation |
Évaluation :

Super friendly and experienced staff, clean indoor storage facility, it's in an old repurposed factory at edge of town, visited on humid day but was cool and dry inside, rates are half that of usual!!

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