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Annette R. le

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Best and easiest uhaul pick up ever. I have used uhauls lots of times for moves.

Daniel D. le

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Manager of this location was very nice and professional. I would recommend using this location for your moving needs.

Martine A. le

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Owner very nice and helpful

George H. le

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Le client n'a pas laissé de commentaire.

elizabeth S. le

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Fred was very pleasant and great customer service.

Sebastian Q. le

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I will be contacting corporate after this "adventure" To start. Lets keep a cost tally. I arrived at 938am I was texted with a location, after you guys had changed it once already. Which is fine, i knew in advance $6.35 uber I was informed that the email and text were wrong, i was given a new location by the employees and the stirage location (called and cancelled uber after being told to wait $3) Was then informed to uber to federal location $9.75 Told that was wrong location AGAIN. Its now 10:05am FINALLY get the correct location another $9 uber I arrive at that location and now i wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. Its now around 1040 and the man FINALLY arrives The website will not let me check in The truck is filthy The truck wont start It smells quite bad It has less than half a tank The website will not let me see photos, add photos or check ANY INFO about the truck I start to drive away and the truck starts vibrating, very, very badly I dismissed the wobble to an empty cargo space After the ramp got stuck on me many times and the van continued to give the same starting issues stated, i finally got it loading and ready to leave as i am on an extreme time crunch at this point I proceed to my new house in lake placid and at 65mph on the hwy the van warbles violently It start to rain, so i turned on the wipers to see that it just smears the water instead of cleaning it off Neadless to say i am NOT happy about this in the slightest

Kamal A. le

Évaluation :

Very nice owner

Raid A. le

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Best customer service