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laurie S. le

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Very friendly and a great experience

Brendan W. le

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Le client n'a pas laissé de commentaire.

Gerald C. le

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RE: Claim Number: 01521436-2019 Dave Horn Repwest Supervisor Claims Fax: 602-745-7360 On June 24,2019 we picked up a Uhaul Trailer, RV 3916E, at Uhaul Moving and Storage of North Lansing, Michigan. When the trailer was being backed into our driveway I noticed that the right side of the trailer's lights were not working. 1) I called the Uhaul Roadside Assistance Number, listed on the trailer. Uhaul contacted a licensed Uhaul neighborhood dealer, B&L Auto Truck & Trailer of Flint, Michigan. B&L sent one of their contracted employees to repair the trailer. 2) This Uhaul contracted employee, after 2 hours of working on the trailer's wiring system, shorted out the wiring of the trailer while it was connected to our 2008 GMC Yukon. The short immediately blew out 4 fuses and caused major damage to electronic sensors and the electronic throttle body (The major damage to the throttle body was not detected until 2 days later when we tried to drive and the Yukon would not accelerate above 30 miles per hour). 3) After determining this Uhaul trailer was unrepairable, B&L was authorized by Uhaul to deliver a different trailer, RV6975A, to our home at 6835 S. Krepps Road, St. Johns, MI. 4) After loading the trailer and starting our trip to Westminster, Colorado we discovered that the 2008 GMC Yukon was in essence undriveable. The damage to its electronics, by the trailer's wiring short caused by the Uhaul contracted employee, kept the Yukon from exceeding 30 miles per hour. 5) It took an extra 2 days for Young/Bee's Chevrolet in St. Johns, Michigan to repair our GMC Yukon. The total cost of the repairs was $583.32, and copies of the service invoices have been faxed to: 602-745-7360. RE: Claim Number: 01521436-2019 6) Our steps taken to get the original trailer repaired, then a replacement trailer, and subsequently having to repair our GMC Yukon were completed after contacting: Roadside Assistance Supervisor: Ruby Phone: 1-800-528-0355 Extension: 50316 Reference # 1646698 We were advised by Ruby to file a claim with Repwest. 7) We have been contacted twice by Repwest and both times the representative has claimed that Uhaul is not responsible for damaging our GMC Yukon. Repwest is saying that B&L Auto is responsible, but our contract is with Uhaul and Uhaul Roadside Assistance. Uhaul Roadside Assistance sent the employee of B&L Auto, an authorized Uhaul Dealer, to attempt to repair the wiring system of the trailer. We had no say on who Uhaul sent to repair the trailer. 8) We believe Repwest should re-evaluate their position and please talk to Uhaul Roadside Assistance Supervisor: Ruby, to verify the facts of this legal issue. Sincerely: Gerald L. Cluley Debra E. Cluley Phone: 303-451-9329 Cell: 719-375-9883

theresa D. le

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Truck needs new wipers. Headlights are way out if adjustment. Just wanted to note that.

ronald L. le

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Improve the computer program to return the equipment. There was some question as to when I was to return the equipment. The location in NY said I had 8 days, Mi. Location said I was a day late. It took a call to a manager somewhere to settle the problem. The Mi. Lady could not even find me in the system. Overall fine expierance.

Dennis V. le

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There was oil in the back of the truck. We didnt realize until we were unloading. Now I have oil on my bed and new carpet.

Donald F. le

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Was hard to find and not very big. It is not their primary business.