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John M.

Great experience, very easy to work with

connie F.

I requested smaller rental truck never received a call or email about the upgrade.

Jack I.

Couldn’t find the key box anywhere??? Wondered the lot for 20 minutes looking everywhere. Left the key on the gas tank.

Matt H.

Clean truck, people were very friendly! Wait time to check the truck out was a little long. Overall, very pleased.

Wakenia P.

Customer did not leave a comment.


The guy in the office told me I could drop the truck off at any location(hence the fuel level). I drove to tow different UHaul places before veing told I would be charged 3 times my rate. Also, when I picked up the truck there was no appliance dolly in the truck. Which made my move longer. Upon returning the truck the guy in the office didn't bother to approach me when I returned, so I left the keys and left the store. So I was never given a receipt and never signed anything.

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