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Témoignages des clients récents de Cin City Customs LLC

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Stephanie M. le

Évaluation :

When picking up the key directions were a bit confusing.

Grant M. le

Évaluation :

I selected this location for drop off because Uhaul provided me a $30 discount and it was near by to where I was visiting. I wish I would have seen the reviews before selecting the location. The location appears to be more of a "chop-shop" than a retail business. No one answering the phone and no one on site during posted business hours. The area was sketchy enough I took a picture of the trailer when it was dropped off. After leaving the equipment, two days later I receive a notice that the equipment was still not returned. After contacting Uhaul, they indicated the site would be contacted and it would be resolved. I explained that because of the appearance of the business and area I had a picture when it was left. They said it would take 72 hours for a response. On day 6 after the return, Uhaul indicated that I still had not returned the equipment. The location still did not answer any calls. After several long phone calls with customer service and escalating the concerns through customer service management and sending the photo, I was told regional management would be contacted. Finally, the equipment was checked-in later in the day and resolved. Uhaul customer service was polite but have limited authority. I have no idea why Uhaul would continue to keep this location as one of their vendors. Every review is one star and based on this experience, that is very generous. If Uhaul had any concern for their customers, they would end the business relationship.

carl j. le

Évaluation :

The customer service number for reservations wrote the wrong pick up time. They cancelled our reservation. We had to make other arrangements for others to help us load up and it put us a day behind. We didn’t get the application until 24 hours later so we didn’t know where to drop it off. It was a terrible experience and we would not recommend anyone to choose U haul. Please have a management team call me at 5135200767

albert d. le

Évaluation :

Le client n'a pas laissé de commentaire.

Nicholas W. le

Évaluation :

The location felt unsafe and was not secure to leave a vehicle if the move was short. It was nearly impossible to pull out the 26’ truck we rented. The hours were very limited and inconvenient if you wanted to speak with someone. Location aside, my invoice is incorrect regarding being billed for furniture pads for 4days that we’re not on the truck and therefore not used resulting in being held overbilled by $40. Also, the out mileage was incorrect which resulted in being overbilled for going over 1 mile or $30.81. I spoke with a customer service rep about both these issues at the time of pickup of the rental and she had assured me that it was noted in my file and would be addressed. Unfortunately, she was powerless to make adjustments to my reservation and couldn’t fix the issue at the time of pickup. The customer service reps seem to have very little solutions at their disposal, in general. They need to be empowered to help customers as I’ve now spend well over an hour on hold to resolve this issue, which is not yet resolved.

Marquisa G. le

Évaluation :

Manager was not at cite when I arrived to pick up truck. I had to wait one half hour for him to arrive. He couldn't find reservation. He didn't give me my contract nor did he show me my contract. I don't know how he noted the miles out or in without the paperwork. I took a picture for my records. The bill I received was totally different from the receipt I received in my e-mail. I showed the manager my receipt for the gas purchase and he still charged me $56 for gas. I am totally dissatisfied with this U-Haul location. I will never use it again, nor will I recommend anyone else to use it.

Mohamadmehdi E. le

Évaluation :

Please take your trucks out of this location and end the contract for this location. My milage was wrong in my bill. you paid me the money back. Thanks. But I do not want this happen to another customer. the location did not answer my calls. what they are doing is very ugly. VERY UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Jennitta H. le

Évaluation :

He didnt release the uhaul correctly he didnt check my id had to drop off at new location and she fixed everything

Rachael B. le

Évaluation :

I was charged for 2-1/2 weeks of holding the equipment, when in fact it was returned the next day and in turn, my credit card was charged almost $1000 with no authorization from me.