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Great service and very friendly and accommodating. It was very easy through the entire rental. I will definitely use this location again, and will recommend it to anyone needing to rent a vehicle for a move. Great experience!

Ted W.

The associate at this location was friendly and helpful however the location itself was not my first choice because it resulted in me having to drive farther with less included mileage allowed. The next day, since this location’s phone number was listed on my contract, I called with a flat tire, and their recommendation was to just put air in it. Since it was the outside tire on a dual wheel assembly the vehicle was drivable, but it was not possible to inflate it at a normal gas station as they did not have an air chuck for dual wheels. A nearby auto shop was able to inflate the tire, but as soon as they did I could hear air hissing out of it and found a nail in the tread shortly thereafter. The mechanic at the auto shop sent me to another UHaul facility, believing that they could replace the tire for me. When I arrived there they told me to call roadside assistance. I wish the person at the pick up location had known to recommend roadside assistance first. Since I wasn’t actually stuck on the side of the road I didn’t think to call roadside assistance first.

Ernest H.

Business was closed. It was on Sunday and I just dropped off a trailer.

Cynthia J.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Fred M.

No one was present and the office was closed at 9:00 am. I waited 30 minutes and called Uhaul. The area service manager came in 15 minutes and opened the office and helped me. He did a good job.

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