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Samantha B.
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The online application is not user friendly. Had trouble, called for help at least 4 x. First 2 calls i got bounced around, 3 call the lady hung up on me. 4th call the lady was very nice and she walked me through it. Multiple times I had to redo everything, the pictures and application was very time consuming. It would have been much easier to deal with a representative but the place is just leased so the garage was no help. The whole process took me 11hrs. I drove to sk. To pickup the uhaul, which my total traveling time should have only taken me 2 and a half hours there and back. The rest of the hours was spent on trying to figure out the application. Not everyone has a credit card so that made it difficult, had to purchase 2 prepaid cards. The pictures took long some wouldnt load and had to redo everything before it finally worked. I would have preferred to deal with a actual rep and pay there. I spent more than my budget as I thought once you paid once that would be it. It was complicated and took way too much time.

Tommy M.
Évaluation :

I'm reserve a TowCar in Yorkton, SK. After few day (and once i'm leaving Quebec city and i'm in Winnipeg), i'm recive a call for Custom Service of U-Haul and they said "...ther's no towcar in yorkton, go to Moosomin..." and next day late, when i'm arrived to Moosomin, they don't have a TowCar. I have no choice to take a Auto-Transport (for twice time price)!! VERY BAD SERVICE FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE TO "DISPATCH" ME TO MOSSOMIN!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THER'S NO TOW CAR BETWEN WINNIPEG AND YORKTON. I'll NEVER MAKE BUISSNESS WITH U-HAUL AGAIN.

monica N.
Évaluation :

This order was made almost 4 weeks ago; confirmed 2 weeks prior online and also the Wednesday, August 2nd for the Saturday, August 5th pickup. I received a text message onroute for a 4 x 8 trailer. I called to confirm my reservation with Moosomin for a 5 x8 trailer and let them know I would be a little bit later and Isabella said it was okay and also they rented out all inventory a few days prior and only had the 4 x 8 available, I could not picture this trailer. The Moosomin dealer, Isabella called me back around 11 and asked where I was because they wanted to close and I said that it was online as 1pm closing and she said the owner wanted to close early. This made me panic and rush. When I got to IMZ Garage, they said they did not get my reservation as there was an issue with the U-Haul internal system was screwing up again and it wasn't their fault. When they showed me the trailer I saw it was not big enough to put a mattress and boxspring in - I already paid and everything. I was not happy and the Moosomin did not take the time to find me a trailer and made me feel like they wanted me to leave asap. They did call the office and I talked to someone who said they could not see anyone close who had a 5x8 trailer in Saskatchewan and could not see the Manitoba inventory and so I started driving down the highway towards Virden. That is an extra 130 kms out of my way and 2 hours of my time. The worst experience and it seems like they disregard the U-haul system reservation system. Very bad.

Debbie W.
Évaluation :

The rental process was awful. When I first called, I was told there was a 6 x 12 and a 5 x 8 in Indian Head, SK. They booked the 6 x 12 for me. When I went around there to get an idea of the size, there was no 6 x 12 trailer at the Indian Head location. I called U Haul back and was told that I would receive a call the night before pick up and would be told at that time where to pick up the trailer. I received a call on August 9th saying that I was to pick up the 6 x 12 trailer that I had booked in Moosomin, SK. This was an hour an a half drive from Indian Head, SK (where I was loading from). So, three hours of driving for me. I was quite upset by this as there are a number of other closer locations, including Regina; I found it hard to believe that this was the closest to Indian Head. I was discounted $150 and given the unit a day early for the inconvenience. I picked the trailer up as scheduled on August 10th. As I was driving back to my destination of Creston, BC on August 13th, I received a phone call from Calgary, AB UHaul saying they had my trailer there!! I told them that I was currently hooked up to my trailer and was on my way back to BC. They told me that the one I was hauling was not the one I was contracted to be hauling and asked that I let them know next time I stopped what the number on the trailer I was hauling was. I did this when I stopped for gas and didn't hear anything further. This rental added to an already stressful situation I was dealing with cleaning out my mother's home after she went in to long term care!!

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