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emmanuel E. le

Évaluation :

Stay away from this place!!! Came in to rent a uhaul truck they took over 1 hour to get me setup with a truck. They just handed me the keys without giving me a contract or telling me anything about the mileage or gas on the truck. I thought it was a bit suspicious the way they went about the rental so I took pictures of the mileage and gas gauge before leaving. I also took a picture after I dropped off the truck. When I dropped off the truck I notify them that I had put gas in truck and I had drove the truck for 16 miles. I asked how much was I expected to pay, they said they didn't exactly know. I left and the next day I check my credit card statement and I have to charges 1 for $46 and change and 1 for $59 and change. I ran the math and $46 looked about right for the service. But I was wondering about the $59 I called this location and no answer after multiple times I called u haul directly . Uhaul provided me with a contract and they gave me my invoice just to see that they had charged me for gas and a gas service fee. I told them that it was wrong that I put gas and I had pictures. The lady said that I should receive a email to file a claim in 2 days and it's been 10 days I haven't received anything. Mind this is from u haul headquarters. So after a few days I went back to the renal location to tell them that they had over charged me they said they would refund me the money they said they were aware of the overcharge and that they would refund me in 1 hour. Days past and no credit or adjustment in my statement. I went back to the location to tell them and they said that it would take 3-4 days for the refund to post. It's been 10 days and no refund. STAY AWAY AND IF YOU HAVE RENTED OR PLAN TO RENT CHECK TO SEE IF YOU DON'T GET OVERCHARGED. I believe they do it on purpose because it's a small business with no or little business and they want to make money by ripping off customers. I hope Uhaul runs a investigation.

Carmi R. le

Évaluation :

Better customer service, listen to your customers. Test your equipment before you have the customer leave with it. Better communication between different sites. I will never recommend uhaul

Allan A. le

Évaluation :

First of all, they do not comply to U-Haul agreemwnts. I ordeeed and reserved a car from UHaul online understanding I can pay with another card. The lady would not allow that. Next, found out that contract says 3/4 full fuel but got truck only ~1/4. Definitely not coming back to this location.