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Cameron H.
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Get rid of the lents location. The guy is a fraud and a horrible human being. He overcharged me for my rental after I filed a complaint against him at U-Haul. He said I didn't fill the gas up but the gps in the uhaul and my bank card statement say different. You have a trash bag representing your company, ripping people off, and I'm sure I'm not the first.I would like to be contacted by somebody to resolve this situation I've already made another formal complaint and disputed the charges.

Gabriel K.
Évaluation :

Also seems like the wrong location. Here's a quote from the Lent's market guy: "just leave or drop off the Uhaul".

Imani M.
Évaluation :

Yes would recommend however, they did not process me checking it in until several days later and the corporate office had to call me to ask if I turned it in.

Abraham P.
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I struggled for an hour and a half the night if my pick up only to finally get the code for the lockbox and there wasnt a key in any of them. I ended up having to get the reservation guarantee and agree to pick it up in the morning. I had to take public transit home and ended up having to walk a mile and a half the rest of the way. Then the next morning I went to go pick up the U-Haul and the person that was in the store had no idea anything to do with the U-Hauls he had to call his son his son was talking back and forth with me through his dad's phone and it was very very confusing I ended up calling Uhaul and they spoke To The Man Behind the counter he cut them off gave me the phone back so Uhaul finally had to call the number listed for the store and they finally gave me the keys it was Den 2 p.m. by this point and I was running out of time to move I ended up having to do a bunch of extra driving because I didn't get to do things the way I had planned because I didn't give it the night before all in all this was a horrible experience the U-Haul customer service and service manager that I spoke to were very professional and they helped me tremendously I appreciated their help very much

Jessica R.
Évaluation :

Make sure the mobile app will actually work.

dana S.
Évaluation :

Have maintenance check out fuel line BEFORE customer arrives to pick up equipment. Tank was empty and when we went for fuel found that the line had been cut to siphon fuel. Maintenance said it happens every day.

Levi H.
Évaluation :

I paid for a dolly but didn't get one. Other than that it was easy and convenient

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