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Alan D. le

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Simply an after-hours dropoff. No human interaction to rate. I would like to complain about the fuel situation for the truck. I paid over $150 for fuel without knowing what mileage to expect. I am therefore penalized and not credited for GIVING U-Haul 1/2 tank of fuel. I would like to see how I can be credited for the fuel. You should go back to renting a full tank and having a full tank upon return. I don't mind paying for what I use. This is robbery by U-Haul.

Daniel L. le

Évaluation :

Can't think of anything that would improve an already very good dealer.

Jean V. le

Évaluation :

Vous m'avez chargé des frais inutiles très déçu


Évaluation :

We reserved a truck from a Uhaul location near Comedey Laval, Québec, Canada. This location was 7 kms from our in-laws house in Chomedy Laval. We were told that we were to receive call night before and did not. Sunday am I called the UHaul site and was informed that the truck would only be available at another site 25 kms from Chomedy Laval in Mille Isles! Once there I waited about 1 our 40 minutes the man who was polite was not able to process our payment. I assume he called UHaul for support and then spoke to credit transaction company. First the computer would not complete transaction. Then we were told that my credit card would not work. Then another of my cards which has no balance was tried. Then my wife's. Then card company says they do not recognize the merchant doing transaction. All of this, then I have to drive 10 minutes away to go and get cash from an insta bank machine then drive back to pay for truck. Then the guy from uhaul on the phone with Simon has the NERVE to ask if I would like to drive the truck back from my home in Saint-Hubert (30-40 kms from Mille Isles) and if so he could give me a discount!!! on the kms. I even said that next time I will used Budget. Not once was I offered a discount or compensation for the TERRIBLE experience I had. Uhaul advertises $20 on their trucks but it never costs that when you add up all the charges. Next time I will go to a company that specializes in trucking and has good quality control for Customer service, troubleshooting etc. When you try to have stores and locations that do a multitude of things offer another service (uhaul) one cannot expect the quality to be as good as competitors such as Budget, Discount etc. Better to do less and do it well than to try and do everything and do it half fast. Instead of trying to offer UHaul trucks everywhere how about providing better support at fewer locations. We are not just talking about selling lottery tickets with an interac paying maching.