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Kristy K. le

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The owner was extremely helpful but the person who was taking care of the rentals was very argumentative and tried to overcharge me $100. I haven't experienced someone who was legitimately trying to take advantage of me this way in quite some time. I hope the owner can find someone who is more trustworthy and honorable to do the job for him. Small towns leave us residents with limited choices but it is now clear to me that this place will be crossed off the list completely. Uhaul ended up taking care of me in the end, but it was a pretty bad experience overall. Other than trying to rip me off in the end, the truck would not start when I picked it up. Lucky for me they had another (but much larger one, yikes!) available so it was only an hour of waiting around. Apparantly, this location has an issue of people stealing from the gas tank overnight which is a horrible thing, but I was paying for my service and treated like a vandal. Excuse the rant as I really am not trying to personalize this whole debacle--I hope this helps with other locals' expectations for their truck rental needs.

ellen r. le

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The clerk made us wait for a truck to return when he had 2 other trucks sitting there. He tried to RIP off either me or your company by offering a shady deal. The store is filthy and very poorly maintained. The clerk yelled at a customers crying child. I like uhaul but hope ti never have to go to that place again. I am going to call in to explain his attempted actions.

Chris W. le

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There are no car rental places in the area. We had to rent a U-Haul truck while our car had emergency work. It would be a good idea to get some smaller vehicles- suv, pick up or van for people like us.


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Nothing! It was perfect!

Bud M. le

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