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Témoignages des clients récents de Lux Auto Repair

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Adam D. le

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Just dropped off after hours.

Kevin K. le

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Truck actually had trash in the back.

daniel D. le

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eva marie D. le

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I thought the rate was 19.99/day and my bill was $171.00. I will be following up with the company tomorrow to see why it was so high. I don’t understand “all of the add on fees”.

Bob B. le

Évaluation :

Lux had literally no idea what to do with the vehicle - in fact, they said they “just signed” with UHaul “yesterday”, and we seemed like their first customer. No UHaul sign, the lot was a mess of cars, and they had no procedure nor documents to assist in checking me in - we gave them a copy of something we got on-line and that was it - I have no document to show I turned in the vehicle, but did get something on-line that showed we owed nothing more. Not good business to use a location when the location is not ready, at all, to conduct business.