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Nathan H.
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Deborah E.
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The man working in Amity was professional, courteous and helpful. So was the woman I spoke to in McMinnville Or.. The problem came with all the Chaos of no rental in the area I wanted. Then self checkout .What in the world ??? You charge a lot of money and get little value. Hire someone to check a customer out. Then When I called the man said I could not have my money back in cash like I paid but had to have a check... I asked to speak to a manager and he left me on hold knowing there are no managers around. This is outrageous the way I was treated. You can be sure once I am rested from this ordeal I will yelp, tell my story on twitter, youtube, facebook and any other social media I can think of. The only thing that made this bearable was the lady in McMinnville and the man in Amity. They were so helpful and went out of their way to remedy the situation.

Jesse A.
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Update your system more regularly. My account still showed I was to pick up truck in Mcminnville. App would not let me move forward because of this, forcing me to call customer service, twice! I will never use your 24/7 pickup again.

Paul S.
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Nice and friendly

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