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Clint P. le

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Unknowledgeable staff.

Julio M. le

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Benny P. le

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Ive never had such a horrible experience with Uhaul. When i got to the location to pick up the tow dolly the 2 guys behind the counter had no clue what they were doing. It took them almost an hour to get me checked out and hooked up. They kept asking me for my social security card to use as a form of identification because my licence wasnt good enough. Then to top it off after we got ready to attach the trailer we discovered that the tail lights on the tow dolly didnt work and the tires tie down straps were extremely frayed. And he wanted me to take it anyway! After returning to the store a few hours later to drop it off I ended up waiting 45 minutes on him to figure out how to check me in and I ended up just checking it in myself because ONCE AGAIN they didnt know what they were doing. These people should not but used as a provider for uhaul equipment.

Mark W. le

Évaluation :

Vendors took about 40 minutes to check me in. They did not know how to use the software to set up th rental. I ended up filling out the stuff software forms for them. They didn’t speak English well. It wasn’t a good experience.

DALE H. le

Évaluation :

I have rented u haul trailers and trucks all over the US and never have had a bad experience until last Saturday. It took me 30 minutes to check in and almost an hour to check out . It was at a gas station and the attendant would take the walk in customers in front of me even though I would wait in line . I had reserved two bundles of moving pads and he told me they were in the truck. They weren’t, when I went in to tell the attendant he wanted me to take a two wheeler instead . I didn’t take it . At check out he took at least thirty walk ins in front of me. ( My son in law counted ). Then he wanted to charge me for the blankets that I hadn’t received that morning . He couldn’t get it to come off the bill. After he made numerous calls , a u haul rep called me while I was there and said he would refund the ten dollars to my card either Monday or Tuesday. I know this is an isolated incident, I will certainly use u haul again , but not from this dealer. Sorry , I have never written a bad review, but you need to know about this location.

mark D. le

Évaluation :

I was redirected to this location away from where I thought I had reserved it from. I didn’t realize it until I showed up at the original location. Even they couldn’t find this place—and it was on the same street, just 15 minutes away in the opposite direction from where I needed to go. It is a bare bones convenience store, and had none of the accessories that a U-Haul store usually has. On the flipside, the clerk connected me to the owner via phone, and he was extremely helpful and we accomplished everything over the phone. Fortunately, I did not need any in-person assistance, because the clerk was clueless. I’m sure she couldn’t leave her post anyway, which I understand completely. I had to drive back to the original planned location to get the accessories I needed. If I had been notified by U-Haul on the email response after I reserved it that it was going to a DIFFERENT location in bold letters, I would’ve found a different location to go to.

Michelle O. le

Évaluation :

No furniture blankets were available for my rental, even though I reserved them.

karen M. le

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I picked the truvk on Sat Morning snd retirnef it on Sunday an the girl that checked it nsvk in told me what the charged should have been for the use for one day but they had initially charged me for two days. She said someone would be getting in touch with me about a refund. I dtill have not hesrd from anyone. I secured the truvk in Fayetteville and I payed online. The online app did mot specify how long I was supposed to have the truck not where Ishould drop it off. Please have someone get in youvh with me on this issue 501-328-3727

Brian E. le

Évaluation :

Make sure the independent distributors know all aspects of renting your units!!!!!!!!! Hold them to higher standards on keeping the trucks maintained. the truck we rented was not in good shape and should never have been allowed to be rented unroll the mechanical problems it had were fixed!!!

patrick S. le

Évaluation :

I called the main Uhaul Storage facility in Springdale AR to receive an estimate and reserve a truck. A few days later I went to the facility to pick up the truck and they notified me that the reservation was booked at a different location. The locations where my reservation was booked was an additional 20 minutes out of my way. When I reached the pickup facility it was a dirty gas station with one truck and a couple trailers around the side. The staff at the pickup location was not knowledgeable about the Uhaul system, could not locate my reservation, and took over 45 minutes from the time I entered until I was handed the key. In addition, the employees spoke very little English (there is a lot of Spanish spoken in the area I picked up the truck but they couldn't speak that either) and had very little experience with technology. It took approximately 20 minutes for one of the employees to enter my personal information, phone number, and final address, all of which I had previously given to the representative that reserved the truck for me over the phone. Near the end of my pickup experience the employee told me the final price which did not match the price given to me over the phone during the time of my reservation. The price given to me over the phone, which I was told included all fees and taxes, was approximately $100 less than the final amount because it in fact did not include taxes. When entering my final destination,I told the employee my final address and she scheduled the dropoff location 30 minutes away from my address when there was a Neighborhood dealer less than a quarter of a mile away. I expect a clear message if my reservation will be booked at a different facility than I called and I expect the "final price" told to me over the phone to be accurate. I find it completely unacceptable and I demand better from Uhaul as an organization. If I had not previously had a good experience with Uhaul I would find alternative transportation companies to aid in my future needs and also recommend the same to my friends and family. I'm very disappointed in the overall transaction.