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Témoignages des clients récents de Palm Springs Shell

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Ryan M. le

Évaluation :

Excellent service!

Donald M. le

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The tire straps were "spun" in to the receiver, such that I had to take them apart. Major piss off !! The young kid "agent" was a real zero. No printer or directions from him, and he did not help AT ALL in the hook up. I had to grab a guy from the gas station to check the lights.

James L. le

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Le client n'a pas laissé de commentaire.

JEFF P. le

Évaluation :

The truck I rented was absolutely filthy!!! Smelled like weed & alcohol. The front seats were soiled with an unknown tried , sticky substance. The cup holder was filled with an unknown liquid and saturated cigarette butts. I understand that the truck may have been returned after hours by the previous customer, but at some point before a new customer takes possession of the truck, shouldn’t it be inspected for damage and cleanliness?? I documented the mess with photos and I personally called u-haul to report my findings. Apparently this is not a big deal to you. As a long time customer of u-haul, this is a big deal to me. I am very disappointed to say the least!

Ken S. le

Évaluation :

Very easy and fast pickup

Bazil D. le

Évaluation :

Twice I was given definite reserved times and places and twice the reserved trucks were not available with all personnel passing the buck one to each other--no culpability or responsibility was ever admitted. I was held on the phone for anywhere from 25 minutes to 57 minutes waiting for someone to avoid helping me. Once my truck was finally available on the third try, the fellow who helped me register for the truck, sign in, get the truck, was very helpful, seemingly honest, knowledgeable and sincere. We finally got off the ground! I was given a partial discount for my woes, waits, anxiety, etc., but it was by no means compensation for what I, and my driver and helpers, went through in suffering, waiting, denials and mismanagement.

Steve S. le

Évaluation :

This was not the pick-up location I had selected. I received a call the day before saying my preferred location did not have my truck and I was sent to a busy gas station/convenience store. There was one employee running the entire store and she did not know how to process my order. Customer service had to handle it over the phone directly with me, as every time a customer walked in she left me standing at the U-Haul counter. It took a substantial amount of time to make the pick-up. Having a pick-up location without trained or designated staff is extremely frustrating. If you are going to accept advance reservations, you should be able to deliver what you are offering, and not send your customer to whatever location makes your job easier.

Rex T. le

Évaluation :

Not organized at all slow to rent i waited 45 minutes and i was the only client

Marc R. le

Évaluation :

Tell your customers how many gallons are in a full tank so they can figure out how many gallons to put in to match the amount at pickup when they return the truck. I overpaid when I put more gas in than I was given at pickup. I paid about $20 more for gas than I should have. Also, at pickup, the merchant refused to help to secure the car being towed, and said he couldn' tell me how to do it, because he did not know how.

William G. le

Évaluation :

Trailer dirty inside

dave M. le

Évaluation :

The manager was not fluent in English and had to call a supervisor to complete the contract. The supervisor completed the contract over the phone and said she would email the contract to me. It was never emailed.