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Cote générale :
Allen T.
Évaluation :

This location was difficult to find due to inadequate signage. But more importantly, the original drop off location I was assigned (9886 120 Street Surrey) was very problematic. The driveway and parking lot was too small to comfortably drive the truck, the entrance was obscured by signage and debris, there was someone passed out in front of the door, and I'm pretty sure at least two people were buying illicit drugs while I was trying to return the vehicle. The staff was not friendly or helpful - she informed me she could not take the truck and suggested I drive two blocks south to look for another location, but she couldn't give me the name or contact info of that location. Thankfully when I called the customer service number I was able to be redirected to a location in a different direction.

Diego V.
Évaluation :

1. I've paid for an appliance cart and the pickup place had only an smaller and cheaper one. 2. The truck had leaves everywhere and a lot of dirt in the cabin 3. After driving for only 5 km, the gas fuel dropped to slightly above 3/4 4. Had several issues with the mobile app (Android) when trying to upload the picture from the odometer. In general I've paid a lot for a poor service and felt in disadvantage.

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