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Timothy M. le

Évaluation :

The truck we rented was not available at the location we reserved it at. we were sent to a location in Fremont for a 15' truck then to Campbell for a 10' truck. We were supposed to have the truck at 10:30 and had workers standing by 3 at $30.00 per hour, and we did not get back until 2:30. This caused us an extra $360.00 for the loaders as well as putting us behind schedule by four hours. The truck at Fremont was filthy and I had to clean the windows before I could drive the truck. Would not have used them had I known this was going to happen.

Brent D. le

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Le client n'a pas laissé de commentaire.

Matthew T. le

Évaluation :

Inexperienced agent, slowed the process and needs to be trained how to check-out equipment

Sehra B. le

Évaluation :

The person I went to drop off the rental did not seem to understand that I had a rental to drop off, not to pick up. My boyfriend and I repeatedly tried to tell her different ways and phrases of "drop off" or "leaving a rental" and explaining that the drop off address was this specific address. It's not that she didn't hear us, but she wouldn't listen to us as she repeatedly told us "some people will pick up uhaul but a different guy will come and bring you a uhaul". She eventually called someone higher up and seemed to be arguing with him in a different language about the drop off process of uhaul rentals at this place. Eventually got to drop it off but the drop off was a confusing, stressful and irritating process.

Pradeep Kumar Re C. le

Évaluation :

Key pick up process was not straightforward, I had to wait for 30 min before the key was handed over to me. They insisted on booking with them again at first, then took 30 min to hand the key over to me. There were no equipment I asked for rental in the truck. The truck was not clean enough, the rear-view mirrors, etc were not clean.

Changlin Z. le

Évaluation :

I placed my order on June 23 for a 10' truck that I would pick up at June 30. On June 29, just one day before, your customer gave a notice my pick up location was changed to a different location which I am not familiar with. When I went to the alternative pick up store I noticed it was a gas station. And the drop-off options are far way less than what I saw when I was placing the order. When I finished my moving at June 30 night, I was trying to drop off the Uhaul Key at the mission blvd Uhaul site. Again, I found it was a gas station and I even can not see a Uhaul Logo over there. More, when I realized the gas station is the site I was supposed to drop off the key, I found there is no drop-off Box. I had to park the car at the site and bring back my key back this morning. After I bring back the key early this morning, i was charged for one more day ($56). This is not reasonable. I was trying to contact the mission blvd for a reason and his altitude is so un-friendly. I will never rent at or recommend this mission blvd Uhaul site to my friend again. I felt this is kind of insult. I used Uhaul many times in the past several years and do not expect Uhaul became like these. I am not willing to accept this additional one day charge.

Wendy S. le

Évaluation :

Not the clerks fault, but the system didn’t work! We were there for almost 45 mins, they had to do the process over the phone and it wouldn’t let us add anadditional driver. Then, they said I would get the contract by email (I didn’t), so they had to call back to have whoever did the process overr the phone send it again. Too long!

Bonnie T. le

Évaluation :

They were fantastic! It was confusing to drop off, but the manger and lady employee were very accommodating