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Testimonials from recent customers of The Smoke Shop

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Debra A.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Kelley M.

Not the kind of establishment that I frequent. The workers were attentive and helpful.

Tom W.

Have a better explanation of where to return the keys.

Latjuanna C.

It was such a hassle making arrangements for pick up.

Shealaye H.

I felt very uncomfortable with the pick up location and the drop off location. I was asked if I wanted to purchase "smoking" accessories that look like items to smoke drugs. The "kid" that did my uhaul information could not answer all of my questions. Will never use that location again.

Suzette J.

The truck was filthy. Trash in the cab and in the back. Had less than 1/4 tank of gas the form we were given showed we were supposed to have 3/8th of a tank. The guy that checked us out did not come out to the truck to verify everything. Once we saw the condition of the truck and no gas we went back into the store and then he came out and looked at everything. He did apologize and then cleaned out the cab and the back. They also could not pull up our drop off location in Scottsboro, so we just googled the closest place that was still open to where we were at and ended up returning it in Grant. We actually left 3/4 tank of gas and a clean truck when we were done with it.

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