Évaluations des clients U-Haul Truck Share 24/7 at Fulton and 37th Ave

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Témoignages des clients récents de U-Haul Truck Share 24/7 at Fulton and 37th Ave

Cote générale :

Conley T. le

Évaluation :

This location is on a very busy street which makes getting in and out of the space and really the van itself pretty difficult/sketchy. It’s also extremely difficult to find parking for your own vehicle if you drive yourself to the van.

John J K. le

Évaluation :

The app is hard to navigate, especially when you're trying to pick up vehicle. You make the customer waste a lot of time uploading photos of driver's license an selfie when these could be done of site at home when the transaction was begun.

Stephanie A. le

Évaluation :

If there was a "maybe" choice or "it depends on the situation", I would check that when thinking about if I would recommend this service to a friend. I used the 24/7 truck share pick-up, where I used the online option to pick-up the car, and it was a bad experience. I arrived to the van's location at my scheduled reservation start time. I went into the UHaul app and clicked "pick up my truck", which then I received an error message. I then tried both chrome and safari web browsers and received the same error message. I then called the 1-800 UHaul customer service #. I waited for over 35 mins in the cold/rain until I was able to speak with someone who could assist me and fix the error so that I was able to proceed with the pick-up process online. The purpose of using uhaul was because I was moving and I was on a schedule; this experience significantly delayed my schedule. Moving forward, I would say use this service if you are not in a rush, but if you need to stick to a schedule, to either go to a rental car agency or a location that has staff who can assist you in real time. Moreover, when entering the car, it smelled strongly of weed. Looking back, I would not use this service again for moving or use it as a last option if other options are not available.

Travis R. le

Évaluation :

When I walked up to the car to start my reservation I was I was prompted to wait for approval. After I got approved (which took 10 mins of staring at my phone waiting) I was then prompted to get the keys from the glove box, however the car didn't unlock so I had to contact an agent which took another 10 mins of waiting before they unlocked it from via GPS. It would be nice if I could submit the approval ahead of time so that I didn't have to wait, especially on moving days when every second matters. Thanks for your time!

Zhanna G. le

Évaluation :

Car did not unlock after online check in. There was no key box, and the car did not lock after return.