Évaluations des clients U-Haul Truck Share 24/7 at Kezar Lot

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Témoignages des clients récents de U-Haul Truck Share 24/7 at Kezar Lot

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Shelly S. le

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This was the second time I had rented from this location in one week, both times unable to go through the check in process. The first time I only needed to spend 30 minutes on the phone to get this issue resolved to start the check in. The second I had called the evening before to make sure the vehicle would be there and to edit my start time as the website was experiencing errors and could not let me edit. The second time, I was again on the phone for 45 minutes but was disconnected and had to find a different last minute solution to make my timeline as I was now late. Pro tip if using the 24/7 service, do not use outside of the office hours, and do leave an extra 30 minute window. The locations are worth the extra fee instead of sitting outside your rental vehicle and being told there is no vehicle to rent at that location.

Bradley N. le

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Le client n'a pas laissé de commentaire.

Corin S. le

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Smoother check in process

Emmanuel F. le

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This is the second time I rent from this location. My second experience with this location was much much better than the first time. The representative was able to open the cargo van remotely very quickly with a simple chat discussion within the app, while it took almost an hour the first time with several phone calls.

Melissa Q. le

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A horrible experience, waited 2 hrs to get the car to work and the battery was dead.

Anna W. le

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The pick up process was awful. I showed up early to my original pick up location only to find the the app wasn’t working due to issues at U-Haul. I waited on hold for a long time before being told the van I was standing in front of, and had reserved, was not returned by the previous renter, and therefore could not be taken. After going to another location I was able to complete the pick up mostly through the app. I had to call to have the doors of the van unlocked, as they didn’t open by using the app, even though they should have. The van was fine and the drop off was much smoother. My advice, arrive early and be prepared to spend a portion of your rental time trying to get your rental. It took me almost an hour from the time I showed up to the time I drove out of the lot.

Harlan P. le

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The website and the app for 24/7 pick up at this location was down. It took almost an hour to get a representative on the phone to solve the issue. I was Late for the pick up I had Scheduled.

Micah B. le

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The step by step process on the app to unlock the car seemed straightforward until I came to a prompt telling me to get the key out of a lock box on the back bumper. The car did not have this. I called U-HAUL customer support and was on hold for over 30 minutes being shuffled from person to person until finally the person on the phone said I should just "open the door." It's unclear if the car was always unlocked or if it was something done by the agent on the phone. Incredibly frustrating and unpredictable service which is par for the course for U-Haul.