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Gwendolyn M.
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dawn G.
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The online check in and return are a joke. I went through the whole process of reserving the moving truck online. Got to the end and my phone said take this to the counter and get your key. Over an hour later I finally got my key only to find out I was charged for hand trucks and blankets that the location didn't even have. The I start the process of checking the truck for existing damage, mileage and fuel level. And what do you know...the friggin online process failed again. It asked me to take pictures of the dirt in the floor when asked if the vehicle was clean. I did that then moved on to the fuel. I was again asked to upload a picture, I did. Next was mileage. Yet again another picture, done. Now I hit approve at the bottom of the screen and what do I get.... that it did not upload. I have to go BACK into the store and wait for them to get someone on the phone. I started this whole process at about 2:40 and finally left with the truck at 4:38. This long wait time push all the moving to later which put me bringing the truck back after dark. To a store that was closed and a dark parking lot. I sat in the truck and started the process of returning the truck. After signing into my uhaul account I am prompted to pick up my truck! I have already done that , but that was the only option it would give me. I had no choice but to call the 1800 number. So now I am sitting in a dark parking lot on hold for 30 minutes waiting for someone to answer the phone. All the while listening to the women tell me I can do everything online. What a bunch of bull crap. The Guy who finally answered, yet again put me on hold for another 5 minutes. When he finally returned he said he would do it manually. He did get me on my way quickly and I appreciate that but I never should have been sitting there that long to begin with. How did I have the truck but your system showed I had not even picked it up yet? Why does anyone have to sit on hold for 30 minutes before ever speaking to anyone? If I am calling uhaul at 10pm I'm probably not sitting on my couch with my feet propped up. I probably sitting on the side of the road or IN A DARK PARKING LOT!!!!!! and need to speak to someone promptly. But back to the real problem...Your sorry ass online system. The place I picked the truck up at told me I had to do it all online so I had no choice but to use it. I have rented from uhaul before and there is no reason it should take over an hour to go through the whole rental process much less to just pick up a friggin key. I had already did everything else online. I doubt I will ever rent another uhaul. If I do it will not be at a place that I am required to use the online system. Finally please take the bull shit message about due to covid there is longer wait times. Quit using that as an excuse for your sorry customer service. I go to work and do my job 10 hours a night with 5000 other people . There is no reason uhaul can't employ enough people to sit in a chair and answer a phone in a timely manner! Cutting jobs to increase profit will cost you more than you are saving when your customers are left sitting in dangerous situations because you failed miserably at serving them.

John M.
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We scheduled our reservation for 8am. The hours on the website stated the location opened at 7am. upon arriving at 8am the location was closed. There was no answer when we called the number. I called U-Hauls 1-800 number and they attempted to contact the store as well. They were able to move our reservation to another location a little further away. Upon arriving to that location we were told the payment system was down and they could not rent to is. Once again, I contacted the 1-800 number. This representative was very confused and did not seem to know what she was doing. She started to route us to a 3rd location. We asked her to please call them first to ensure they could accommodate us. She put us on hold and when she returned she stated that they didn't have have a truck for us after all. We decided to call the original location and they were now open. Upon our arrival, the attendant did not know what he was doing. He turned the laptop towards us and basically had us click through the rental steps on his computer. He had to call a number in order to get the credit card authorized due to the payment system being down. He did not understand how they process worked and we had to walk him through this. He finally called someone to help and they got on the phone with us and we were able to get the truck. In total, what should have been a 30 minute process, took over 2 hours.

larry P.
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I was asked to go behind the counter. Where I had to enter my information because the store owner didn't know how to operate the system. Then the owner had to contact a u-haul rep by phone. Then I had to relay info because the owner didn't understand. Then the owner couldn't print the contract. I had to take a picture of the contract on his lap top. So I would have some sort of a copy. Then I had to move other dollies so I could get to the trailer I was renting. The owner didn't even come outside and assist. He didn't even take a picture of the hook up. I did the hook up myself. Needless to say I drove up the road and turned around because I was late for my appointment to pick up and haul back. So I took the trailer back. Still no paper work. I feel like u-haul owes me my money back. I have used the service before from a different location and never had this kind of service. I was at this store for 1 hour trying to rent the trailer which caused me to miss my appointment due to the store owners lack of knowledge on how to do the rental.

Kristen T.
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Perhaps train them on renting out/checking in equipment? And not necessarily their fault but in addition, the CSR said they would correct drop off location, and there'd be a discount for the trouble which is not reflected in my bank account, and the location was not corrected we had to call and get it fixed when we got to our destination.

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