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Témoignages des clients récents de Who Barbershop

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Samuel R.
Évaluation :

Nice guy but 1 1/2 hours to check out and I was the only customer.

Eric H.
Évaluation :

Le client n'a pas laissé de commentaire.

Aishia J.
Évaluation :

Thanks for being flexible

Indrajit G.
Évaluation :

Make sure there is someone at the location at pick up time.

Sharon R.
Évaluation :

Easy to get in contact with!!

Margaret M.
Évaluation :

Having someone drive up to a barber shop to deposit an expensive vehicle that they rented for over 500 dollars is very disconcerting. It doesn't seem official and should be avoided.

kim S.
Évaluation :

Latif, the owner, responded to our needs immediately and accommodated us well. Very professional, gentleman.

Chris B.
Évaluation :

I used less than 24 hrs. andxwas told the drop off lication should refund me a day.

bethany T.
Évaluation :

The gentleman that runs the location was very nice and professional. I only gave it an average rating because it is a barber shop, not a traditional uhaul shop, and it is under renovation. The man running the barber shop was also very nice.

Sandra L.
Évaluation :

Arrived at 10am for my pickup. No one was there. Called the manager, who said some one was there. We knocked again, no answer. Called the manager again and he said he was in his way. Upon his arrival, the door opened. Apparently someone was there but they were sleeping the whole time. Upon paying for my reservation, they couldn't find paper to print my receipt. Then when I finally got my receipt and the truck, the dolly I paid for wasn't there. So I had to go to another uhaul location to get one. This put me off schedule by 45 mins.

John E.
Évaluation :

However, it only had this one truck to rent. That's not a criticism just an observation

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