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Veuillez nous appeler ou nous visiter si vous voulez des renseignements sur ce qui est offert à l’établissement ou essayez un des établissements ci-dessous.

Conteneurs U-Box® pour déménagement et entreposage

Nous livrons des conteneurs U-Box, vous les remplissez et nous les entreposons dans notre entrepôt sécurisé. Chargez à votre rythme! Il suffit de nous appeler pour la livraison ou le ramassage de vos conteneurs U-Box.

Choisissez U-Haul comme lieu d’entreposage à Shillington, Pennsylvania, 19607

Avantageusement situé au 2398 Lancaster Pike, U-Haul Moving & Storage of Shillington est un des premiers établissements de libre-entreposage de U-Haul. Cet établissement d’entreposage, qui offre un environnement propre, sec et sécuritaire, ne coûte rien à réserver et offre une grande gamme de choix relativement aux besoins d’entreposage des clients.

Unités petites, moyennes ou grandes disponibles

Cet établissement offre des unités de plusieurs grandeurs pour satisfaire à vos besoins. Besoin d’aide pour choisir la bonne grandeur? Consultez notre Guide des grandeurs de libre-entreposage pour obtenir de l’aide supplémentaire.

Commodités supplémentaires :

  • Accès 24 heures sur 24 disponible : Demandez si l’entreposage de 24 heures sur 24 est disponible. Accédez à vos effets lorsque vous en avez besoin hors des heures d’accès normales.

Évaluations des unités d'entreposage par les clients

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Steven P. | Expérience générale |

Customer did not leave a comment.

Fredrick A. | Premières impressions |

Thank you for the “free storage” which was not convenient, there was no dolly, no help, and it was on the 2nd floor.

Jesus C. | Premières impressions |

Ms Brenda was helpful and Wonderfully polite! Mr Bradley cared of us as old friend, so appreciated about him! Thx for being so kind with us!!!

Shyree G. | Expérience générale |

This location had my license a for about a month and acted like having my identification card was not a big deal. For this reason alone I called customer service and complained due to the lack of professionalism and regard. Customer service apologize for this location's behavior and said that I will be contacted by a manager within 72 business hours. I was never contacted so I followed up with another call to customer service who apologized and put in a specific request to the traffic control manager with a reference ID number of 2651806 and I should have been contacted within 72 business hours by this specific manager. Due to not receiving this call I called again and I was informed that the manager of the Shillington location Debra Antonelli said that she apologized so they closed out the case. However, I never received an apology from Debra and told the customer service agent that Debra lied and has never contacted me let alone apologize. A few days later I am contacted by Debra, which follows, "Hello. I am emailing to apologize if you felt that your issue was not serious matter and I am glad that you have your licence back. If there is something else that can be done for you in the future we will be here to serve you. Thank you for your business, have good day. Debra" My reply to this email was, "While I appreciate you reaching out and apologizing, I am unhappy with the fact that it took so long for me to receive an apology. I am also unhappy with the fact that a representative stated you previously reached out to me directly, apologized, and  therefore the case was closed. However, this is the first time I received an apology. This apology does not sincerely apologize for the inconveniences your location caused me due to having my licence in your possession for a month. The apology does not cover the flippant behavior of Richard who chuckled at the fact that his colleague who I previously spoke to decided to mail the licence weeks after I gave her my address. This "apology" does not resolve my case and I believe I should be compensated for the inconvenience, unprofessionalism, and disrespect I received from your location. -Shyree J. Gonzalez" I did not receive any communication back. Due to all of this I decided I will no longer give my money to this company and removed my belongings to be stored with a company who are respectful, considerate, and professional. When I removed my belongings Debra (who did not wear a mask) serviced me and did not apologize for anything. I received an email that asked for my feedback and when I click the link it states that I've already given my feedback. Usually I'd think that this is a glitch but due to the lack integrity shown by this location I decided to give my feedback another way encase someone did something unprofessional and unethical again. I will also be reporting Debra and this location to the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration since I have witnessed Debra interact with/service clients inside and outside the facility without wearing a mask. My move-out date was 6/26/2020 and I expect to be able to see my feed back until the end of August 2020.

Willis L. | Expérience générale |

Customer did not leave a comment.

Charlette B. | Expérience générale |

It was a good experience all around except that there was no available unit on 1st level but it worked for 3 months we needed it

nina f. | Premières impressions |

Customer did not leave a comment.

Dimas C. | Premières impressions |

Buen servicio y halta calidad

Steven P. | Premières impressions |

Customer did not leave a comment.

Nicole B. | Expérience générale |

Had issues from moment got the storage. Horrible service rude nasty associate. Trouble with my card working to get in storage and several times the "security" door was just wide open

Nicole B. | Premières impressions |

My card doesn't work hasnt worked. The general manager was completely rude and disrespectful I had call your customer service line I was in tears she continued to treat me amd my husband horribly amd

Kathy K. | Expérience générale |

The employees were very nice & easy to work with. Would have been great if we would have had elevator access to the second floor but we managed without it.

Nayda A. | Premières impressions |

Great customer service.

jeffrey m. | Premières impressions |

Very pleased with staff and facility.

tammy m. | Expérience générale |

Debra Antonelli worked with us and has in the past. She is very professional and understands her product/facility. Always helpful and patient. Thank you.

Daniel J. | Expérience générale |

Very helpful with all my storage needs. Thanks!!!!

Albert M. | Expérience générale |

Debie was great to do business with. Always polite and eager to address concerns. The motion sensors for the lighting were far apart and I would have to walk in the dark at times though.

Susan M. | Expérience générale |

Very friendly & helpful manager - Rich. Other employees not as friendly or helpful.

Diana S. | Expérience générale |

Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful in answering my questions. Big thank you to John, Richard and the manager Debra.

Rod B. | Expérience générale |

The staff was very accommodating to my needs.

MICHAEL R. | Reservation |

My storage unit that I have confirmed reservation for (and did the reservation immediately after talking to rep in location), was given away. Manager was rude, could hear her talking in background!

Jonathan K. | Reservation |

The location had everything I needed to make to move go efficiently

keith r. | Expérience générale |

Totally happy with the experience.

Tammy C. | Expérience générale |


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