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Espaces d'entreposage disponibles dans cet établissement
(toutes les dimensions sont approximatives)

Entreposage avec accès routier

Entreposage avec accès routier

Located outside, drive up storage units provide customers convenience. Much like a garage at home, pull up with a vehicle anytime during access hours to quickly load and unload your possessions.

  • Exemple de disposition de local d’entreposage

    5 pi x 10 pi x 8 pi

    Accès en voiture, 1er étage, extérieur, sans climatisation, porte à battant, ADA
    Maison de 1 à 2 pièces (jusqu'à 1 200 pi ca)

    85,00 $
    par mois

Conteneurs U-Box® pour déménagement et entreposage

Nous livrons des conteneurs U-Box, vous les remplissez et nous les entreposons dans notre entrepôt sécurisé. Chargez à votre rythme! Il suffit de nous appeler pour la livraison ou le ramassage de vos conteneurs U-Box.

Choisissez U-Haul comme lieu d’entreposage à Washington, Pennsylvania, 15301

Avantageusement situé au 1116 E National Pike, A National Pike Storage fait partie du réseau d’affiliés de libre-entreposage de U-Haul. Our storage affiliates are independently owned and run, providing our customers with additional storage options. Each facility is unique to its local market and offerings.

Unités petites, moyennes ou grandes disponibles

Cet établissement offre des unités de plusieurs grandeurs pour satisfaire à vos besoins. Besoin d’aide pour choisir la bonne grandeur? Consultez notre Guide des grandeurs de libre-entreposage pour obtenir de l’aide supplémentaire.

Commodités supplémentaires :

  • Entreposage climatisé : Cet établissement maintient la température entre 65 et 85 degrés à longueur d’année grâce à un système qui protège vos affaires contre la température et l’humidité.
  • Entreposage à accès routier : Cet établissement offre un accès routier commode à ses unités. Approche-vous avec votre véhicule, chargez-le ou déchargez-le et reprenez la route.
  • Entreposage de véhicule : Stationnez votre voiture, bateau, VR ou autre véhicule motorisé à cet établissement. Renseignez-vous sur les particularités en offre, y compris les postes de vidange, les prises électriques, les endroits couverts, et plus encore.

Évaluations des unités d'entreposage par les clients

carolyn b. | Expérience générale |

The office manager refused for months to fix the leaking in my unit. I lost 3000.00 $ in heirlooms and Christmas decorations due to extreme mold, dampness, and mice. The mice chewed everything they could get into. I repacked what was salvageable, into lock tite containers, but items that were storable, but not packable, like my wooden antiques became moldy and ruined. I have pictures of this distruction, and had the owner come in and view the damage and water all over the floor. He promised to fix the leaks, and never did a thing about the leaks. He only had a worker use a leaf blower to blow leafs out of the gutters. He charged me 120$ a month rent, while others with the same size unit pay 60$ to 80$ a month for the same size units. When I found out from the other unit renters of the price difference I complained. I have a voice recording of the managers response where I'm told" Hey, that was the original aggreement"....well..why was I targeted at a higher price than others? Especially for a wet, mouse infected unit. The evidence has been recorded and date tagged as this problem persisted. I am now considering a small claims court action through my family lawyer to be compensated for irreplaceable items due to the negligence of the storage unit manager. I and my family members continually tried to work this out with Robert Jones, but he insisted on payments and no compensation for my lost heirlooms. A worker of his burned what was ruined that I had placed in back of my unit, and he is a witness to this fact. I would like a representative of your company to actually go to that address and check out the road front units and their delapadated rain spouts that leak above every unit door, especially during heavy rain and melting snow. Perhaps your company can come to an agreement with me b4 a legal step for compensation for my irreplaceable family heirlooms is persude? I have lost, family photos, family generational Christmas and holiday decor which was passed down through generations, antique furniture, countless artwork, due to mold. I will never recommend this facility to anyone, it is bad business to deal with this facility and a manager who will not do his part to keep it in good condition for safe, clean, dry storage ...which is what customers expect for their items. I originally rented my unit in the dry part of the year, hence no evidence of leaks was present at that time. So all this being said, you need to investigate those premises now, not after you let him know I have told you the truth about that road front unit building. The leaks was dripping on myself and my helper as we were moving my stuff out, soaking our hats and heads from melting snow water right above the door from the unsealed rain gutters. Again, I have pictures of all my accusations and voice recordings of the manager refusing to do the right thing. This report has been screened shot for evidence of my report. Signed, Carolyn Bonus

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