Moving Truck Rental in Corvallis, OR at Northwest Self Storage Corvallis
(Concessionnaire U-Haul dans le voisinage)

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505 NW Buchanan Ave   Corvallis, OR 97330

(541) 207-1117

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  • Lun au sam : 9h30 am à 5h30 pm
  • Dim : fermé

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(541) 207-1117

505 NW Buchanan Ave
Corvallis, OR 97330

Services dans cet établissement :

Heures d'ouverture de l'établissement

  • Lun au sam : 9h30 am à 5h30 pm
  • Dim : fermé
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Location de camions

One-Way and In-Town Local Rentals in Corvallis, OR 97330

U-Haul compte la plus grande sélection de camions et remorques de location locaux et à sens unique dans votre région. U-Haul offre un processus de déménagement simple lorsque vous louez un camion ou une remorque, ce qui comprend : remorques fermées, remorques ouvertes, remorques pour voiture et remorques pour motocyclette. Combinez vos efforts de déménagement en louant un camion et une remorque à U-Haul dès aujourd’hui!

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  • Icône de camion de déménagement
    Camions de déménagement

    Nous avons la plus grande sélection de camions neufs!

  • Icône de remorque
    Remorques et remorquage

    Nos remorques fermées et ouvertes sont offertes à partir de 14,95 $!

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6 évaluations

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I was supposed to pick this truck up at a different location. Got a call at the last minute that location was changed. This was a small storage space and did not have an attendant on site. I have to go back and forth to the other location to finally get my truck.

Abbas H. 

A bit confusing to find since it was across the street and down an alley across from the UHaul center. Also difficult to back the van out of the tight parking area solo, had to ask for assistance.

Victor P. 

Rental was supposed to start at 8 but they key was not in the lockbox. Called customer support who asked us to wait until 9 when the office where we were renting the vehicle from opened and that for our troubles we wouldn't be charged for gas or mileage. When we finally got the key from the employee, we received no apology or sympathy, the vehicle had dirt and leaves all of the inside. We reutned the vehicle to find that we were charged for both gas and mileage. So we didn't get the key until an hour after we were supposed to, the employee at the rental site couldn't have cared less, the vehicle was dirty, and we were charged for things we were told my the customer support rep (I believe the district manager) that we woukdnt be charged for. I will never rent from this uhaul location ever again even if it is my last resort. I will tell everyone I know about my experience at this location and get as many people as possible to not use this location.

Austin M. 

The owner of the storage place had a fancy black car that was blocking the only parking place that was for the U-Haul. I honked and he told me to take the truck inside the storage place, which had a fence that could only be entered by a secret code, so I don't know how the next person is going to have access to the truck. It got me angry, because I was expecting to return it to the same place.

Sonia A. 
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