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8340 Rozell Rd   Woodford, VA 22580

(804) 867-2143

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(804) 867-2143

8340 Rozell Rd
Woodford, VA 22580

Services dans cet établissement :

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One-Way and In-Town Local Rentals in Woodford, VA 22580

U-Haul compte la plus grande sélection de camions et remorques de location locaux et à sens unique dans votre région. U-Haul offre un processus de déménagement simple lorsque vous louez un camion ou une remorque, ce qui comprend : remorques fermées, remorques ouvertes, remorques pour voiture et remorques pour motocyclette. Combinez vos efforts de déménagement en louant un camion et une remorque à U-Haul dès aujourd’hui!

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  • Icône de camion de déménagement
    Camions de déménagement

    Nous avons la plus grande sélection de camions neufs!

  • Icône de remorque
    Remorques et remorquage

    Nos remorques fermées et ouvertes sont offertes à partir de 14,95 $!

  • Icône de fournitures de déménagement
    Accessoires de déménagement

    Nous vendons des centaines de produits qui facilitent les déménagements!

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This location should not be a drop off center for uhaul. We attempted to return the truck at 6:50pm because we were told that this location closes at 7pm. Actually it's a random garage in the middle of nowhere. There's uhaul signage, but we weren't sure we were even at the right location because it looks like a dilapidated abandoned garage center in the evening. We didn't feel it was safe to leave the truck, but didn't want to be charged for an extra day. I contacted the number on my contract for the drop off location. A man answered the phone, but he was stuff and then passed me off to “the lady” because she'd be able to speak over the phone. That was odd. Why answer a business phone if you're not prepared or trained to handle customers? The woman told me she couldn't check my truck in as returned because she didn't have the key, even though I had explained there wasn't a proper night drop off box and we didn't feel it was safe. I had patients scheduled until 1pm and could not leave work before then. This location is so bizarre & so unorganized. Once I called to let her know I was running behind she said she didn't know how to handle this situation and that her boss was aware. Because she said they were all wondering why there was a uhaul truck in their garage “parking lot” (it was more like a mud pit). The entire situation was confusing and I had gotten stuck in traffic. I arrived at 3:20pm after speaking with this woman twice. During the day it does look a little bit more like a small town auto mechanic garage. But once again when I arrived no one knew how to properly greet me, and I was told to “wait for the lady, because she knows about uhaul stuff, I don't”. I waited in their mud pit outside of the garage for about 3-4 minutes before a scruffy looking gentleman approached me and said he'd take the key “to her”. Never once did “the lady” come greet me or was I shown into a place where I could have a decent conversation and be checked out. No receipts were given. No questions about my experience were asked. No real customer service provided. Which is a stark contrast from the location where I picked up the truck. I just received my receipt via email. I was charged for an extra day, and they said I provided the key to them at 4:18pm. It is currently 4:50. It takes 15 minutes to get drive from this location. I came home , ate food, did some unpacking, laid down, watched a tv show and just checked my email. How would I be able to do all of that if the truck was dropped off at 4:18? Absolutely horrible and I will never do this again. I think they should not be considered as a proper drop off location since they are so unprofessional.


My review has nothing to do with Frank's itself, but instead the overall pick up experience. We selected a location in King George, VA for pick up of the truck and were called 2 days before to be told that that location isn't even doing Uhaul trucks anymore, so I'm not sure why it's on your website as an option? It's been 4 days since that was discussed with the person who called, yet it is still an option today for someone renting a truck. As a result, we were told the only place "nearby" with a 26 ft truck was Frank's, so what should have been a 3 mile drive because a 29.5 mile drive for the truck. Upon arriving, we realized it was in the middle of nowhere so cell phone service was terrible. We could not get the app to work due to reception and spent over an hour sitting in the parking lot in the rain, on the phone with customer service, trying to figure out what to do to get the truck since it was past hours for Frank's. After getting the truck, there were 11 furnitute pads instead of the 3 dozen requested, so I once again had to drive out of my way the next morning to get them from the closest location that had them, which was once again, a location 45 minutes away. Not having the pads available that we had reserved put our moving crew behind by almost 2 hours by the time I drove to Uhaul for the pads, waited in line and drove back, so we owed 2 hours of overage charges to the crew, not to mention the gas to drive there and back. The entire experience was absolutely unacceptable and we are extremely disappointed in Uhaul. I read in one of the Uhaul stores that Uhaul guarantees your equipment will be available where and when you reserve it and that was certainly not the case.

Timothy S. 

Very convenient location, vehicle was in surprisingly excellent condition compared to previous Uhaul rentals. Frank's made the process easy, allowed after hours drop off with no hastle or requiring it be dropped off earlier than I wanted. Recommend franks as an excellent vendor for Uhaul rentals.


I arrived at the pick up location and had to wait over an hour to rent the uhaul equipment and the Agent on duty left for the day to go to a Dr. appointment and that was a major inconvenience and she didn't even care. I felt as though as a paying customer she should of been there as requested.This is poor customer service and it should of been handled differently. It's uncalled for and the same day I got the truck is the same day I was moving from Va to North Carolina and it set me back 2 hours and it was an overwhelming day and also we didn't have that much sunlight. Being rushed is not acceptable and the lady never showed up until 4 and my appointment was at 230.

Shenecia C. 

It was a garage and the mechanics said the lady that handles U-Haul's was not there. But they were very helpful and help me unhook the trailer.

George T. 

Franks Truck & Automotive Repair was a bit out of my way (this is where UHaul sent me after my primary location did not have the equipment I needed); however, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff was awesome. The friendliness and helpfulness more than made up for the inconvenience.

Eric D. 
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