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Susan D.

While using the 24/7 mobile service to pick up the truck we had several problems and it took over two hours to pick up the truck and supplies we paid for in advance. First, there was no key left for us in the pick up box. Second, none of the dollies or blankets we paid for we’re in the truck. Third, when an attendant finally arrived they did not have most of what we reserved. We requested a furniture dolly, appliance dolly, two utility dollies, and 3 dozen blankets. They only had an appliance dolly and a utility dolly at the location. I spent over an hour on the phone with uhaul customer service and had to go to a second location to get blankets and had to just make do with only two dollies. The customer service rep said they would refund the price for the equipment we didn’t get but nothing was done for the two hours wasted or wild goose chase we ran to only get half of what we needed. The 24/7 service is supposed to be faster and easier. It was much worse than dealing with at live person behind a counter.

Felecia J.

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