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Kathryn S.

The vehicle was dirty, there was sticky residue all over the cup holders and dash, it was covered in mud inside, there was trash in the glove box, and it was clearly never cleaned. Additionally, I did the online pickup so I could get my truck early in the morning. After getting the key and going to the truck it was so disgusting that I went inside and bought Lysol wipes and proceeded to clean the cab out. While cleaning it, after completing my order, the man who worked at the location who gave me the key came out and accused me of trying to steal the truck. He called another man from another location to come over there. They then both proceeded to tell me I was lying that I had not actually rented the uhaul and I was not in the system. Finally, the second guy figured out he couldn’t find me in the system because I had already completed the pickup and rented the uhaul. The entire situation was terrible. Then, if that wasn’t enough, the truck didn’t drive correctly, the transmission was shot and I had to manually shit the entire move. But I didn’t figure out how to shift without the truck violently shaking until about 20 miles into my move, so it broke a ton of my stuff that was loaded in the back.

Anthony T.

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Danny N.

Location employee could not speak English and could not good service This location owner doesn’t care about customer Pls don’t choose this location

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