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Joel M. le

Évaluation :

Lock box instructions were confusing. A three digit combination was provided. The box had three three-digit combinations

Alexis S. le

Évaluation :

They charge you way more then what’s on your receipt and they charge you for cleaning even though you cleaned up the truck an gave it back exactly how you got it .... WHAT A RIP OFF !!!!! I would never get a truck from here again

Randal R. le

Évaluation :

A couple issues with the renting location but the main problem was the rate was higher than I was quoted and the alternate drop-off location that I selected to obtain a discount was not available to the renting agent when I picked up. I also realized the next day when we were loading that I had paid for 2 dozen pads and was only given 2 bundles which only had 6 pads in each. The trailer states it is not waterproof but we had a lot of water coming in from the roof so I bought a large tarp to put over it while loading and overnight. Luckily it was not raining the day we drove. I went through the e press set up but it still took 30 minutes to complete the process

Carmen D. le

Évaluation :

Tammy that works there did an amazing job helping me out on the rental

Rene R. le

Évaluation :

Tammy was at the desk in the location when I arrived. She was extremely helpful and very friendly. She helped to make the Uhaul experience less stressful, smooth, and quick.

charlene D. le

Évaluation :

Only had U-Haul 3-days & had pay to for 5-days that isn't RIGHT AT ALL......

Brian S. le

Évaluation :

Only issue i have is not with people there they were very nice. Issues were 1. The online form we sent in were supposed to have appliance dolly with rental it did not only regular dolly, was told i could cut the tag and use the regular dolly and would not be charged seeing they did not have the appliance dolly as requested in the online form/contract. I was not charged this on final bill. 2. On the final bill I was however charged for the bag of pads that wer did not use, the security tag was still inplace when returned. I was charged $15.00 for this & is not a valid/fair charge. I will be following up with rental location on this on Monday. 3. Truck was used as a locker for all of garage due to garage floor being coated and was easier to store the garage contents and keep secure in driveway. Truck was rented from a local location so truck was driven 4 miles from rental to home then 2 days later 4 miles back. And was charged $9.35 for 2.2 gallons of fuel..... The 15' trucks should at least get 10-12 MPG so was overbilled there not much but still... Overbilled by at least $4.70 on that as well. 4. Billed for an enviormental fee of $3.00...... I will be seeking a $20.00 credit from rental location as I feel the pad charge and fulecharge us not fair in anyway. Seeing we did NOT use the pads and truck was driven 8 miles...

Jamie J. le

Évaluation :

Tammy was great ! Super helpful and friendly ??

Paul S. le

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Le client n'a pas laissé de commentaire.

Kevin R. le

Évaluation :

There was a lack of documentation that we were suppose to receive but never got. We also never were informed by them when our drop off time was so we got charged for an extra day. Just was a lack of information.


Évaluation :

The lady in the office was very friendly and helpful