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Shannon S. le

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jill L. le

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I checked in my uhaul 2 hours early, but after hours. I followed the directions to check it in online and it somehow didn't work so I got charged an extra $20 to have it manually checked back in the next morning.

Monica K. le

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Ratchet strap broke on car hauler trailer and wasn’t able to use the equipment as it was designed. I had to use my own straps to secure the vehicle

Diana W. le

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The Short Elm Street location got these good marks. However, I was told I could drop the truck off at a different location in Roscoe instead of the FIRST Rockford location. I did apologize to the first Rockford location for forgetting to call him. When he called, I put him on speaker phone so my friend could hear what he said. He was EXTREMELY NASTY! He told me I could take it anywhere I wanted, but it would cost me over a THOUSAND dollars. And he ranted for several minutes. I did say something like, but you did have to be at work anyway right? He didn't reply and ranted some more. When I got off the phone, my friend said she couldn't believe that he was so LOUD AND NASTY! I would NEVER recommend the first Rockford location to anyone. And I can't believe that someone from uhaul would yell at a customer they way he did. The rest of my drop off information is with the pick up location details.

Erik H. le

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This was the absolute worst customer service experience I’ve ever had. I reserved an auto transport online and went in to pick it up. The only employee working there was Ann Marie. Her husband was there as well, but sat in the corner playing on his phone the entire time. When I first arrived, Ann was talking to another customer, but it wasn’t about business. They were talking about their apartments, renovating bathrooms, a woman who got evicted because she got caught smoking, anything but the business this woman is supposed to be running. After waiting for about 25 minutes for this conversation to conclude, it was finally my turn to be helped. Ann was very slow and liked to tell me more about her day than actually do her job. Another 20 minutes go buy and the paperwork is finally done. I bring my truck out back and pull up to the trailer only to find the ball I had was too big for the receiver. My fault, no big deal. I ask Ann if she has anything inside, planning to buy another ball if I had to. She comes out a few minutes later with the correct size ball, but too small of a hitch. My truck has a 6” lift, so I had to use my 6” drop hitch or the trailer would scrape the ground. We decided to see if we could get my 2 5/16ths ball off of my hitch and put the 2” ball on. Ann goes and finds 2 pipe wrenches and can’t get them to work, and another customer even comes out and tries but to no avail. At this point I can’t believe the unpreparedness, so I tell Ann that I just want to cancel the order and I’ll rent a trailer another day. When I told her this, Ann proceeds to turn her head and give an over exaggerated eye roll. We go inside and I stand for 15 minutes while Ann seems to be trying to work out my refund while talking to another customer. She then tells me she has no idea how to do the refund, and has to call the guy in charge. He doesn’t answer so she leaves a message to call her back and then proceeds to sit back in her chair, lace her fingers and talk with that customer about getting customized T-shirts for the employees there… At this point her husband (who had left to get her another coffee) walks back in and puts another coffee on the desk in front of her. The customer she was talking with jokingly asks “where’s mine!” and to my absolute amazement, Ann gives a dirty smirk to her husband, then back to the customer and responds: “If you knew what I did for these, you wouldn’t want one.” Are you freaking kidding me??? This is a place of business and you’re going to say something like that in front of customers? After a while Ann decided I was important enough to continue working on my refund, and she “thinks” she got it. I haven’t had any change yet in my bank account but I will be watching it like a hawk till I know for sure she actually did everything correctly. This was the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had at a place of business, and I will be getting in touch with whoever is in charge of this location to speak with him about it as w

valerie C. le

Évaluation :

When I called to find out where to return the rep was not helpful at all. He sent me further than I needed to even when I gave him my address. On return of truck, could not find the location, had to call customer service twice. Felt like I was in an unsafe environment.

Benjamin M. le

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The location looked closed down, it was confusing to get to, the employee took a personal phone call and opened a letter while I was trying to get my rental. It took 40 minutes to get my rental.