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bruce B. le

Évaluation :

1) correct the size of hose that connects the gasoline inflow to the tank. Someone "repaired" this at some point with a hose that is too small. At normal filling speed gas gushes out at filler hole all over side of truck, ground and person. I could only fill the tank at about 2 gals per minute, much too slow. This is a safety issue. 2) The truck wandered a bit more than I like. Check the steering. It might be time for maintenance.

Lindsay W. le

Évaluation :

This location should not be allowed to rent trucks. All the self serve locations should go away if this is how they are going to be run. I spent more time on the U-haul website and calling than I ever have thought I would. The website didn’t work and no one I called would or could help me. And now my invoice is $500 or more higher than it should be. I won’t be renting from U-haul again.

Lowell S. le

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Le client n'a pas laissé de commentaire.

gary J. le

Évaluation :

The location frankly is a VERY run down convenience store. I doubt it meets with corporate standards. The truck was very clean on the inside, but the exterior was covered in bird droppings. at this location, the trucks are parked under power lines where birds roost for the night. I did really like the app. I had doubts that it would work, but it worked perfectly, both quick and easy to use.

Cullen L. le

Évaluation :

They charged me a cleaning fee for renting a truck for 10 hours and leaving it in the exact same condition it was received. So, yeah factor that into your cost.