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(Concessionnaire U-Haul dans le voisinage)

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106 W Ash St   Globe, AZ 85501

(928) 793-4635


  • Lun - sam : 8h am à 5h pm
  • Dim : 6h am à 12h pm

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(928) 793-4635

106 W Ash St
Globe, AZ 85501

Services dans cet établissement :


  • Lun - sam : 8h am à 5h pm
  • Dim : 6h am à 12h pm
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Location de remorque

One-Way and In-Town Local Rentals in Globe, AZ 85501

U-Haul compte la plus grande sélection de camions et remorques de location locaux et à sens unique dans votre région. U-Haul offre un processus de déménagement simple lorsque vous louez un camion ou une remorque, ce qui comprend : remorques fermées, remorques ouvertes, remorques pour voiture et remorques pour motocyclette. Combinez vos efforts de déménagement en louant un camion et une remorque à U-Haul dès aujourd’hui!

Services supplémentaires à cet emplacement

  • Icône de camion de déménagement
    Camions de déménagement

    Nous avons la plus grande sélection de camions neufs!

  • Icône de remorque
    Remorques et remorquage

    Nos remorques fermées et ouvertes sont offertes à partir de 14,95 $!

  • Icône de fournitures de déménagement
    Accessoires de déménagement

    Nous vendons des centaines de produits qui facilitent les déménagements!

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Very friendly!

Cynthia W. 

This is a comment about u-Haul corporate, not any individual location! The fact that my wife can not get her driver's license info out of your system (she once picked up a vehicle on my behalf) is bothersome to the point that we go out of our way not to use U-Haul, and we advise others not to do so as well. It is absolutely unacceptable that you keep personal information in a database indefinitely (regardless of how limited access to that database might be). We were never told this might be the case and we have tried to remove it. It might be worth legal action at some point. So bottom line, we hate you. But when you are our only choice, I rent vehicles. My wife never would use you, even if meant walking and carrying items on her back. We are thoroughly disgusted by this policy.

Jon C. 

Everything was perfect.


Have a beautiful day

Christine G. 

The people were very nice, friendly. But, from the beginning to the end it was a bad experience.

Kacey R. 

The truck.was an less than a quarter tank of gas otberwise clean. i filled truck up 55.00 an brought it back on 3/4 tank. tben i got charved anotber 55.oo???

Sherry K. 
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