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(Concessionnaire U-Haul dans le voisinage)

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947 Bethlehem Pike   Montgomeryville, PA 18936

(267) 613-4398

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  • Lun - ven : 9h am à 6h pm
  • Sam - dim : 9h am à 2h pm

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(267) 613-4398

947 Bethlehem Pike
Montgomeryville, PA 18936

Services dans cet établissement :

Heures d'ouverture de l'établissement

  • Lun - ven : 9h am à 6h pm
  • Sam - dim : 9h am à 2h pm
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One-Way and In-Town Local Rentals in Montgomeryville, PA 18936

U-Haul compte la plus grande sélection de camions et remorques de location locaux et à sens unique dans votre région. U-Haul offre un processus de déménagement simple lorsque vous louez un camion ou une remorque, ce qui comprend : remorques fermées, remorques ouvertes, remorques pour voiture et remorques pour motocyclette. Combinez vos efforts de déménagement en louant un camion et une remorque à U-Haul dès aujourd’hui!

Services supplémentaires à cet emplacement

  • Icône de camion de déménagement
    Camions de déménagement

    Nous avons la plus grande sélection de camions neufs!

  • Icône de remorque
    Remorques et remorquage

    Nos remorques fermées et ouvertes sont offertes à partir de 14,95 $!

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I've been a long time Uhaul customer and all my previous experiences have been excellent & effortless (at other locations) ; however this last experience was rather strange ( & my first time using this Location). I booked a van for 4 hours online the night before my pickup and went to the office location in Montgomeryville,PA to pick up the van. The associate at the store desk asked me for my name and if I had an online reservation already, to which I said yes. He proceeded to check on his computer and handed me the key. (I asked if there was anything additional I had to do and he said "you're good to go"). I also asked how I would return the key as by the time I would return it would've been past 6pm (office closing time) and he showed me the lock box to drop the key in. I picked up the van and went on my merry way. So far so good! Here comes the weird part. At 6 pm I recieved a text message that said "Hello, We are reaching out regarding a reservation that you are currently late for pick up. Please call Uhaul Regional Office at 215-396-2754 if you would like to reschedule or update the time; otherwise it will be canceled after 1 hour." This was very odd, as by this time I was already approximately 2 hours in with the possession of the vehicle. Out of curiosity, I called the regional office to ask why I'm getting the message, since I already picked up the vehicle 2 hours earlier. The associate said that she has no record in the system showing that I have picked up the vehicle or that I have paid. She also said that as a customer it was my responsibility to make sure that I have the right paperwork and that I have paid. Also she mentioned that if I hadn't called back, she would've reported the vehicle stolen. When I tried to explain how this was not my mistake and that the associate at the counter should've ensured he had all paperwork buttoned up before handing me the key; she continued to tell me it was my responsibility and then said "I don't want to keep going back & forth with you" then hung up rather rudely. This was rather ridiculous, and I consider it gross negligence on the part of the uhaul associate who gave me the key without ensuring all my paperwork & payment was good to go. (Please note that I had completed my booking online providing all my information already , including photos of my driving license). I would like uhaul corporate to take note of this incident, as this could've unnecessarily implicated me in an offense (due to the gross negligence of a uhaul employee) while I did everything correctly. Also there should be a stricter check at the time of dispensing keys to a customer to ensure these types of silly mistakes don't occur, as they can result in unnecessary headache for both Uhaul and the customer.


The manager at the location informed me of a more inexpensive way to rent the U-Haul, which was not the option on the U-Haul site. The location was great, but I am unhappy that I spent maybe double the amount of money on the move than I needed to.

Jeanah H. 

Very confusing system.

Dorothy F. 
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