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Notre trousse d'emballage pour la vaisselle est une façon novatrice, sécuritaire et simple d'emballer la vaisselle facilement et rapidement. Cette trousse comprend 32 petits sacs de mousse réutilisables, un système de compartiments en 5 morceaux conçu pour séparer, isoler et protéger la vaisselle, ainsi qu'une boîte facile à soulever avec des poignées. Cette trousse est aussi efficace pour emballer des petits cadres, des babioles et des décorations.

  • Peut contenir jusqu'à 8 couverts
  • La trousse inclut (1) boîte d'emballage pour la verrerie et la vaisselle, le système de division en cellule, (8) pochettes en mousse de 7,25 po x 7,25 po, (8) pochettes en mousse de 12,5 po x 12,5 po et (16) pochettes en mousse de 9,25 po x 9,25 po
  • Dimensions des boîtes : 24-1/8 po x 12 po x 11 po (largeur x longueur x hauteur), 1,85 pieds cube
  • La boîte comprise contient jusqu'à 65 lb.
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What size box should I buy that fits the Dishsaver Glass Pack inserts? I have the inserts and the foam pouches just need the box.

–Susan Lane 1/25/2020 2:41:36 PM

Hello, Susan! The purchase of a Dish Saver Kit or Glass Pack Kit includes one of our Dishsaver Glass Pack Boxes, which is perfectly designed for use with the inserts. If you purchased one of these kits without receiving a box, please return to the center you purchased the kit from to receive your box or call us at 1-866-277-6855 if your kit was purchased online. Thank you!

–Savannah 1/27/2020 7:24:39 AM

How much for foam pouches only?

–Laura 8/20/2019 8:02:48 AM

Hi, Laura! Please visit our Cushion Foam Pouches product page to see the variety of foam pouch sizes that we offer. Thank you!

–Savannah 8/20/2019 11:13:00 AM

Hi, do you make international shipments?

–Alban Xhili 8/6/2019 9:06:26 AM

Hello, Alban! At this time, we only ship to the U.S. and Canada. We apologize for the inconvenience!

–Savannah 8/6/2019 11:32:22 AM

Does this include box plus the divider and the foam pouches for the 10,95 $

–Susan 7/25/2019 3:58:31 PM

Hi, Susan! Yes - the price shown includes the box, the dividers, and the foam pouches. Thank you!

-Savannah 7/31/2019 12h24:11 PM

Do glassware dividers fit other standard shipping boxes?

–Harriet Friedman 6/30/2019 5:20:05 AM

Hi, Harriet! Our dividers are designed to fit the included 24-1/8" x 12" x 11" box. Although you could possibly fit the dividers into other shipping boxes, we can't know for sure if they will work properly. I hope that is helpful!

-Savannah 7/2/2019 3h04:00 PM

I'm packing set of china plates saucers etc.. using the dish saver kit. Seems to be heavy though I only packed 32 pieces. Also so much room left. Should there be space between items or should they be packed tight?? Should I wrap with paper first? What about the tea cups and sugar and creamer? How do you suggest to pack those? Thank you for your help, it's a China set that was passed down from grandmother so trying to make sure it stays safe during move.

–Nicole 6/10/2019 12:15:44 PM

Hi, Nicole! For items that special and fragile, we highly recommend using the included foam pouches for each item and also wrapping each item in packing paper to ensure they are properly protected. It is also important to make sure any empty space in the box is filled to keep the items from shifting. This can be done with bunched up packing paper. Packing tight is fine so long as each individual item is wrapped well to keep items from coming in contact with each other. There's no such thing as too much packing paper! I hope that is helpful.

-Savannah 6/10/2019 1h19:54 PM

Do you buy unused boxes back?

–Don 4/28/2019 10:01:31 AM

Hello, Don! Yes - all corporate U-Haul centers buy back unused U-Haul moving boxes. Please visit your local U-Haul Center to learn more. Thank you!

–Savannah 4/30/2019 7:38:00 AM

Can I use this box to UPS a set of dishes

–Jeanna Salyer 3/17/2019 11:15:00 AM

Hello, Jeanna! Although our boxes are designed specifically for moving and storage, using this box to ship dishes is possible. We recommend thoroughly wrapping each dish in Packing Paper in addition to the cushioning foam included in the Dish Saver Kit. We also recommend using the packing paper to fill any free space in the box once all of the dishes are in the box to prevent any shifting. Proper cushioning and wrapping is key! I hope that is helpful!

-Savannah 3/20/2019 3h25:37 PM

I am unclear as to what constitues a place setting. The place settings I'm looking to pack are a dinner and salad plate and a rimmed soup bowl. I have 144 place settings.

–gale 6/4/2018 11:12:36 AM

Hi, Gale! A place setting includes a dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, and saucer. That means a Dish Saver kit can fit 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 soup bowls, and 8 saucers. I hope that makes sense and is helpful!

-Savannah 6/4/2018 1h12:33 PM

Will this fit into the small standard box?

–Kari 4/19/2018 12:07:47 PM

Hi, Kari! The Dish Saver Kit is not designed to fit into our small moving box, but rather our Dishsaver Glass Pack Box, which is included with the purchase of a Dish Saver Kit. I hope that is helpful!

-Savannah 4/19/2018 12h18:28 PM

I am packing fine china settings for 12 along with a soup tureen a couple of platters and 12 cups and saucers ... what will be the best packing system and how many will I need?

–suzanne 2/16/2018 8:53:01 AM

It appears that the Dish Saver Kit is useful only for the flat dinnerware pieces. What do you recommend for packing the coffee cups that come with sets of china? I'm looking for something to store my extra china in after I move it, the sets that will only be used when I have a lot of company.

–Gael 10/14/2017 7:50:24 AM

Hello, Gael! We recommend our Dish Barrel® Box and Cell Kit for packing your china. The walls of the Cell Kit can be rearranged to accommodate different sizes of china. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 10/16/2017 9:04:33 AM

How do I delete items out of my cart?

–Joyce Crook 9/27/2017 3:10:43 PM

Hey, Joyce! To delete items from your cart, click the "cart" link at the top of the page and then click the trash can next to the items you wish to delete from your cart. I hope that is helpful!

-Savannah 9/27/2017 4h52:12 PM

Can I reserve these and get them in Ft Collins?

–Mary 6/9/2016 8:00:41 PM

Yes, the way to do that is to navigate to the product page and select the "in-store pickup" option. After selecting that option and providing your payment information, the product will be waiting for you at the location you choose.

–SAVANNAH 6/10/2016 8:20:30 AM

Can I buy the foam pouches separately?

–Virginia 6/2/2016 4:28:50 PM


Find our cushion foam pouches here.

–Joseph 6/3/2016 7:45:33 AM

i have a full set of dishware plates, dessert plates, mugs and bowls (setting of 4) is one kit sufficient? will i have extra space?

–marissa 8/2/2015 5:04:40 PM

Dish Saver Kit has space for 8 for saucers, 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates and 8 bowls.

–Joseph 9/1/2015 9:14:33 AM

I am shipping an expensive set of china. I understand I should be using the Dish Barrel boxes as it is double walled. However, it looks the cell kit that goes with it is only for glasses. Can I use the Dish Saver Kit in the dish Barrel? Or alternatively, can I pack the Dish Saver Box and then stick it in another box with packing peanuts so In effect, it is double walled?

–Sheryl 7/15/2015 5:27:01 PM

Our Cell Kit can be used with dishes as well!

Simply remove some of the dividers to make the appropriate amount of space. The video on the Cell Kit page shows this as well.

–Joseph 8/31/2015 5:05:44 PM

Are the foam pouches recyclable?

–Ben 7/4/2015 11:16:18 AM

Yes, they absolutely are recyclable!

Thanks for asking.

–Joseph 8/31/2015 12:28:43 PM

I have 2 extra kits and just need the boxes material and I just need the boxes for dishes and glasses do you sell the boxes separately

–Barbara Brennan 3/9/2015 3:05:41 PM

Yes we do! The box is called the Dishsaver Glass Pack Box (part number DSGPBOX). Here is a link to the product page.

–Joseph 3/10/2015 7:57:17 AM

Does the kit come with the box and the divider unit assembled? Or do i have to assemble the box, and then put the divider unit inside the box?

–nagesh 2/17/2015 12:48:17 PM

The divider unit and box both come unassembled. You will need to assemble both and place the divider unit in the box. Assembly instructions are provided on the back of the Dish Saver Kit package. Thank you.

–Joseph 2/19/2015 11:42:20 AM

How many five-piece place settings of china will fit in each dishsaver kit box? Please comment on Dishsaver Kits vs. China Barrels with cell inserts as far as quantity and protection.

–Michael 2/15/2015 1:33:35 PM

The Dishsaver Glass Pack Box will fit 8 saucers, 8 large plates, 8 salad plates and 8 bowls.

The Dish Barrel box with a Cell Kit can also hold 8 place settings. The Dish Barrel box is double walled for extra protection and can hold more than just the 8 settings.

–Amy 2/19/2015 12:03:35 PM

Are the Dishsaver, Dishsaver Glass Pack, and Dish Barrell all double-walled extra heavy boxes? I am concerned about moving antique fine china and want to have the sturdiest box available to mankind! :)

–Jane F. 2/13/2015 11:20:18 AM

The Dishsaver Glass Pack Box is not doubled-walled. The Dish Barrel Box is double-walled.

–Ronald 2/13/2015 11:28:32 AM

Is the pouch all you need for each dish? Do you need to wrap in paper as well?

–Liz 1/7/2015 5:14:02 PM

If you are careful during your move you should not need to wrap in paper. If you are using this box to ship, I would suggest you also wrap in paper.

–Ronald 1/8/2015 9:15:51 AM

have a set up china svs for 8 plus coffe cups and saucer... is there space included in the dish saver boxes for coffee cups and saucers. how much is it to have the box delivered?

–Shelley Schwartz 11/11/2014 12:28:15 PM

The kit includes 32 reusable foam pouches (8 each for saucers, large plates, salad plates and bowls). Once those 32 items are packed, there will not be room for additional items. Delivery price depends on where it ships to. If your order is over $50, the shipping is free (ground).

–Ronald 11/11/2014 12:43:49 PM

I need to ship a large set of dishes over seas. Isthe disher saver kit suitable for this? If not what do you suggest?

–Rich 10/7/2014 10:00:54 AM

Our moving supplies program manager writes ... "I would suggest the Dish Barrel box (part number DS) instead because it is double walled. Both boxes are within shipping requirements. I recommend using plenty of protective material like our packing peanuts (part number 49015) and foam pouches (part number CF). a.b.

–Ronald 10/13/2014 1:41:06 PM

can you pack more than one plate in the pouch

–mary 9/24/2014 6:36:40 PM

Can you? Yes. However, this kit was not designed to pack more than one piece in each pouch. Thank you.

–Ronald 9/25/2014 10:49:35 AM

I have 2 sets of dishes (each for service of 4). How many boxes will i need?

–Alex 9/21/2014 2:34:00 PM

"We recommend a Dish Barrel Box (part number DP) with a Cell Kit (part number CK). This combination accommodates 8 place settings."

–Ronald 9/25/2014 3:11:22 PM

"We recommend a Dish Barrel Box (part number DP) with a Cell Kit (part number CK). This combination accommodates 8 place settings."

–Ronald 9/25/2014 3:11:57 PM

What do you suggest for platters? I have 8 large platters to pack.

–Heather 8/24/2014 6:20:15 AM

"You may want to look at our Dish Barrel Box with our Cell Kit. When using the cell kit the cell sizes can be modified by removing partitions so you may have more space for your platters, depending on their size."

–Ronald 8/25/2014 3:47:12 PM

Do the kits hold cups and saucers

–Tamara 8/14/2014 11:01:41 AM

"The Dish Saver Kit is great for saucers, large plates, salad plates and bowls. Our Glass Pack Kit is great for glassware, crystal and stemware because it has (18) 4" x 4" x 11" cells."

–Ronald 8/15/2014 8:47:40 AM

How many pounds do the boxes hold . I have a service for 8 in the box so far and the bottom is sagging

–Diane 7/8/2014 1:18:05 PM

Our box program manager notes ... 65 lbs.

–Ronald 7/11/2014 11:12:58 AM

I have 4 china sets with service for 10. How many kits do I need? Will one box do a set of 10?

–Paula 5/21/2014 5:03:38 PM

Five. Thanks.

–Ronald 5/22/2014 3:16:36 PM

does the dish saver kit have more room to hold extra serving bowls, creamer and sugar to a set

–Julie 2/2/2014 2:14:16 PM

The Dish Saver kit can hold those items, but it would reduce the number of dishes that you could fit in the box.

–Stephen 2/12/2014 7:28:50 AM

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