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Les couvertures matelassées U-Haul sont idéales pour protéger les meubles ou les gros objets précieux contre les marques, les égratignures et autres dommages lors du déménagement dans un nouveau domicile ou de l'entreposage. Ces couvertures sont très robustes et polyvalentes.

  • Dimensions de la couverture de protection : 72 po x 80 po
  • 1/8 po d'épaisseur
  • Poids de la couverture de protection : 5,25 lb
  • Faites de fibres de coton recyclées compressées
  • Bordure à double piqué
  • Recommandé pour un entreposage à long terme

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Not durable at all. It started coming apart after a few days

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Recommande ce produit

Great quality

miguel m.
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Recommande ce produit

I like the extra padding this blanket offers to cushion against dents on my furniture.

Client anonyme
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The blue exterior lining was worn away in large patches exposing the inside material on both of the pads I had ordered. On one of the pads it was nearly one entire side.

Linda K.
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Recommande ce produit

Received as ordered. I plan on ordering more in the near future.

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I read your response with regards to the difference between the pads (being recycled jeans) what is the fill in the quilted pad? Is one more absorbent than the other....have you ever had some one purchase either of these for cage liners?

–Cheryl 7/15/2019 1:10:36 PM

Hi, Cheryl! The filling of our quilted pads is recycled cotton. Both our furniture pads and quilted pads are moisture absorbent. We have had customers report success with using both our furniture pads and our quilted pads as pet cage liners, but please keep in mind that these products are not designed nor tested for use with pets. Thank you!

–Savannah 8/7/2019 9:44:55 AM

Are there free quilted pads available inside of the store for rental use?

–Aron 3/4/2019 1:01:52 PM

Hello, Aron! No, we do not offer our quilted pads for rent; they are only available to be purchased. We do offer our Furniture Pad at our centers for rental, but they are not free. Please contact your local U-Haul Center to learn more about furniture pad rentals. Thank you!

–Savannah 3/5/2019 9:17:37 AM

Will the pads bleed any color onto carpet if there is furniture sitting on the pad (and pad in contact with carpet)?

–jon 1/9/2019 10:31:51 AM

Hi, Jon! Under normal use and normal environmental conditions, no color bleeding should occur. The only issue that may potentially lead to color bleeding would be if the pad became significantly wet for an extended period of time. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 1/10/2019 7:14:02 AM

Can you cut these quilted furniture pads with regular household scissors?

–Virginia Altork 1/4/2019 5:27:20 PM

Hi, Virginia! Although it's possible you'll be able to cut these with regular scissors, you'll have a much easier time cutting them with a pair of fabric scissors. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 1/7/2019 9:35:50 AM

Can these blankets help absorb Sound

–Haida 12/25/2018 12:20:38 PM

Hi, Haida! Although our quilted pads are not designed specifically for that purpose, I am certain they can help with sound absorption. Thanks for asking!

–Savannah 12/26/2018 8:47:51 AM

Can I use for polish wood dining table?

–Ivy Khine 10/12/2018 6:08:02 PM

Hey, Ivy! Yes, our quilted pads can be used with polished wood dining tables. Thanks for asking!

–Savannah 10/15/2018 11:30:06 AM

Do you rent furniture pads?

–john phillips 5/17/2018 11:52:36 AM

Hey, John! Yes, furniture pads can be rented. Please contact or visit your local U-Haul Center for more information. Thank you!

–Savannah 5/17/2018 11:56:19 AM

How many in pack

–Rosemary kulick 5/17/2018 4:32:06 AM

Hi, Rosemary! Quilted pads are sold individually, so one per pack. Thanks for asking!

–Savannah 5/17/2018 7:03:29 AM

Will this prevent furniture making dings against the walls? We have to move big furiture down a flight of stairs with a narrow hallway, and concerned about the walls being damaged.

–KSTT 4/6/2018 6:10:44 AM

Hello! Although quilted pads cannot completely prevent wall damage, they can certainly help prevent any damage to walls and furniture. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 4/6/2018 10:54:50 AM

Hi I was want to know if these U-Haul blankets are pet friendly

–Vickie Green 12/26/2017 7:42:28 AM

Hello, Vickie! Yes, the quilted pads are pet friendly. Thank you for asking!

-Savannah 12/29/2017 2h09:27 PM

is the quilted pad absorbent?

–Kaitlin 12/5/2017 1:14:44 PM

Hi, Kaitlin. The quilted pads are not designed to be absorbent. They are designed to protect furniture while moving and storing. However, they would absorb fluids if they were to get wet. Thank you!

-Savannah 12/6/2017 2h41:47 PM

Will this protect a dresser mirror

–Roberta 11/17/2017 10:55:24 AM

Hey, Roberta! Yes, a quilted pad will help protect a mirror, but we also recommend using a Four Piece Mirror Box and a Picture Packer Kit. I hope that is helpful!

-Savannah 11/17/2017 2h09:40 PM

How long is the rental on furniture pads? Can they be returned to a different cuty?

–Andrew Kiriaka 4/30/2017 8:47:16 AM

Hi, Andrew! Our Furniture Pads that can be rented are similar to the quilted pads and are rented based on availability. Most of the time, up to 24 hours is considered 1 rental period. The furniture pads can be returned to a different city when rented on a one-way contract. Contacting your local U-Haul Center is the best way to find accurate information when it comes to renting furniture pads. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 5/31/2017 9:36:57 AM

do you rent large blanket pads for just the 3 day truck rental . If so how hoch for 40?

–anthony proud 4/28/2017 11:46:36 AM

Hi, Anthony! Currently, U-Haul Furniture Pads are available for rental. The furniture pads start at $5 per half dozen. You will be able to add them to your U-Haul Online Truck Rental reservation at checkout or you can rent them individually at your local U-Haul Center when you rent your truck. I hope that's helpful!

–Savannah 5/24/2017 11:50:51 AM

Are they waterproof?

–Jen 1/21/2017 11:12:21 PM

Hi Jen, no these quilted pads are not waterproof. We'd recommend a tarp if you need a waterproof alternative that can be used along with the pads.

-TIMOTHY 1/26/2017 3h02:38 PM

How much to rent plain moving blankets?

–James phillips 11/27/2016 11:08:21 PM

Plain moving blankets are available at a rate of $5 per half dozen.

-TIMOTHY 12/7/2016 1h36:13 PM

Can either one of your furniture pads be used to protect mirrors? If so, which on would you suggest?

–Jan 5/20/2016 7:44:16 AM

Jan, I would recommend using our Mirror / Picture Box to protect a mirror. Thanks for your question!

-SAVANNAH 7/26/2016 2h16:17 PM

Can I use this to insulate my beer keg at a party? Its looking like it will be a hot day

–Harold 7/18/2015 5:14:31 AM

Hey Harold, I am not quite sure if our Quilted Pads would be the best option to insulate your beer keg, but have a go if you like!

If I were you, I might go for one of our Medium sized Fridge Pouches to insulate a beer keg, if I were to ever do that...

–Joseph 8/31/2015 4:52:15 PM

Dose usual buy back quilted pads

–Tim 6/24/2015 8:22:05 AM

Yes, U-Haul will issue a refund for unused Quilted Pads!

–Joseph 6/29/2015 9:19:31 AM

Is this pad exactly the same as the inferior pads sold by discount hardware stores? I'm looking for a quilt that is made of fabric and more durable than the ones you commonly buy for 6 $and throw away after the move.

–MikeK 4/29/2015 10:38:21 PM

Our Quilted Pad is a washable, reusable, more durable moving blanket than most furniture pads.

It is made of fabric with a double-stitched border and is slightly larger than most furniture pads at 72" x 80". Thanks for asking!

–Joseph 5/4/2015 5:10:44 PM

Will this quilted pad the right mover's clothe to protect furniture for shipment abroad by boat? Is this the same as the furniture pad shown on your web site?

–roger felix 4/11/2015 7:03:15 AM

Hey Roger, the Quilted Pad would be a great option for protecting furniture during a shipment abroad.

To answer your second question, the Quiled Pad and Furniture Pad are similar, but not the same.

The Furniture Pad has an unfinished edge, is a little smaller than the quilted pad and is made up of recycled denim (no filling).

The Quilted Pad has a finished, double-stitched boarder, is larger and has filling with stitching to keep it in place.

–Joseph 4/16/2015 12:09:16 PM

What is the weight of the pad and what material is it made out of?

–Candace 3/25/2015 12:29:08 PM

Our Quilted Pads are made from compressed recycled cotton fibers. With packaging, each pad weighs 5.25 lbs.

–Joseph 3/26/2015 10:32:38 AM

Is there a time limit on returning purchased quilted pads? Say I store some furniture for several years, can I still return for a refund?

–Alec 2/20/2015 6:54:31 AM

Yes, we do have a time limit. We will accept returns on new, unopened items up to 30 days after purchase. Thank you!

–Joseph 2/25/2015 12:53:12 PM

what is the differencce between a furniture pad and a quilted pad

–d 11/26/2014 9:58:47 AM

"The quilted pad is larger, has a finished, double-stitched boarder and has filling with stitching to keep it in place. The furniture pad has an unfinished edge, is a little smaller and is made up of recycled denim (no filling)."

–Ronald 12/2/2014 11:53:24 AM

How much does the pad weigh ?

–Mary White 11/19/2014 5:35:09 PM

5.25 lbs.

–Ronald 11/20/2014 10:32:09 AM

If I purchase more of these pads than I need for my move, can they be returned for credit?

–Carol 9/12/2014 3:59:34 PM

They can be returned to the warehouse that shipped them for full credit. Yes.

–Ronald 9/15/2014 9:00:52 AM

Are these blankets treated in any way with flame/ fire retardant so as to be compliant with public building standards?

–Lynne MacKay 6/16/2014 9:11:23 AM

Our buyer for this product has provided the following: "QP blankets comply with the Standard Test Method for Flammability of Blankets (Class I ASTM D4151-92). Significance and Use per the test method: This test method for the determination of the flammability of blankets is considered satisfactory for acceptance testing of commercial shipments of blankets since this test method has been used extensively in the trade for acceptance testing."

–Ronald 6/18/2014 2:58:00 PM

Can you rent the furniture pads and return them at your destination city?

–Tom 5/2/2014 6:05:53 PM

Furniture pads .... Yes.

–Ronald 5/5/2014 10:13:25 AM

Hi can you tell me the size in feet instead of inches please

–Tammy 4/22/2014 8:47:17 AM

6 ft. (x) 6.66 ft.

–Ronald 4/22/2014 9:52:49 AM

How wide and long is it?

–Melanie 3/7/2014 10:54:28 AM

As noted in the description above .... 72" x 80". And 1/8" thick. Thank you.

–Ronald 3/7/2014 11:49:09 AM

Can you ship this pad to Israel? How much will it cost?

–Denis 2/27/2014 1:12:22 PM

I'm sorry, we currently only ship to the U.S. and Canada.

–Stephen 3/10/2014 1:53:59 PM

do you purchase the pads or rent them for the price Do you purchase the pads or rent them

–Sharon Bird 12/27/2013 7:14:20 AM

how heavy is one moving blanket?

–marran 12/25/2013 11:16:45 AM

The blanket weighs 5.25 lbs.

–Stephen 12/26/2013 6:27:01 AM

how many pads are there? is it just one or are there multiple pads?

–Chris Henderson 11/12/2013 1:43:44 PM

Hi, Chris! Purchasing 1 quantity amounts to 1 quilted pad. They do not come in a pack. I hope that is helpful!

-Savannah 7/3/2017 2h34:47 PM

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