Ensemble de câblage avec connecteur 7 à 7:4 facile à brancher, de marque « Plug-In Simple!® »

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Ensemble de câblage avec connecteur 7 à harnais rond 7:4 facile à brancher Plug-in Simple!

  • Permet un remorquage à 7 pôles à prise ronde et à 4 pôles à prise plate!
  • Conception à l'épreuve des intempéries!
  • Compatible avec :
    Ford / Lincoln / Mercury
    -Série F 1999-04
    -Expedition 1999-04
    -Excursion 1999-04
    -Explorer 2002-04
    -Aviator 2003-04
    -Navigator 1999-04
    -Mountaineer 2002-04
  • Compatible avec :
    Chevy / GMC / Olds / Cadillac
    -Silverado / Sierra 2004-04
    -Camionnettes 2500/3500 2000-04
    -Avalanche 2002-04
    -Tahoe 2000-04
    -Trailblazer 2002-04
    -Suburban 2000-04
    -Envoy 2002-04
    -Yukon /XL / Denali 2000-04
    -Bravada 2002-03
    -Escalade / EXT 2001-04
    -Hummer H3 2006
  • Compatible avec :
    -Murano 2004
    -Titan 2004
    -Armada 2003-04

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The cover on my broke off. How do I get it replaced? Do I need to buy a whole new set? Please let me know.

–Julie Woods 3/28/2019 7:59:55 AM

Hello, Julie! The cover for this wiring kit is not sold separately, so an entirely new kit will need to be purchased. Thank you!

–Savannah 4/17/2019 7:19:23 AM

I have a six prong plug in on my truck. How many prongs are on your 6' by 12' trailers and how do I convert my plug in? Thank you

–Tom Derr 1/5/2019 4:21:58 PM

Hi, Tom! All U-Haul trailers are equipped with the 4-flat trailer plug. Please visit your local U-Haul Hitch Center to determine the best adapter for you. Thank you!

–Savannah 1/25/2019 11:45:54 AM

hello will this work ? 2017 jeep Cherokee v6 latitude

–John 12/27/2018 10:23:00 PM

Hi, John! We recommend contacting your local U-Haul Hitch Center to schedule a free tow inspection to determine the proper parts that will be needed for your vehicle. Thank you!

–Savannah 1/11/2019 8:42:37 AM

I have a 4 flat wiring harness on my truck and need 7 round for my trailer do you have this adapter

–Scott 12/15/2018 6:29:57 AM

Does uhaul install hitches and harness

–Tom Weiner 11/24/2018 10:13:12 AM

Hi, Tom! Yes, our U-Haul Hitch Centers can install hitches and harnesses. Please contact the location of your choice directly to learn about pricing and appointment availability. Thank you!

–Savannah 11/26/2018 7:42:58 AM

Does acomode to Nissan armada 2015

–Ruben Quintos 11/11/2018 7:00:16 PM

Hi, Ruben! Yes, this wiring kit will accommodate a 2015 Nissan Armada. Thanks for asking!

–Savannah 11/12/2018 11:16:39 AM

Which harness do I need for a 2006 Toyota Sequoia?

–john martucci 7/29/2018 8:54:51 AM

Hello, John! Please visit our Trailer Hitches homepage and enter your vehicle specifications to see all of your vehicle wiring options. Thank you!

–Savannah 8/10/2018 11:49:21 AM

My 2017 Dodge Durango R/T has a factory 7 way connection. Will this work with this product and also provide a 7 and a 4 way connection?

–Chris L 6/4/2018 5:26:53 PM

Hey, Chris! The 30955 wiring kit will plug into your vehicle tow package. Please note that your tow harness may need activation by a Dodge dealer. Thank you!

-Savannah 7/10/2018 2h36:48 PM

Can I use this wiring kit on my 2016 Toyota Highlander?

–Frank 1/4/2018 2:43:51 PM

Does this accomodate a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3,6L V6 4WD

–Mark 9/21/2017 4:03:36 PM

Hello, Mark! Yes, this wiring kit will work for a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee (3.6L, V6, 4 wheel drive). Thanks for asking!

-Savannah 9/25/2017 2h59:51 PM

Will this work on a 2016 Colorado and plug into the existing hole in the bumper?

–Steve 8/10/2016 4:06:19 PM

Please use 7-way round with 4-flat part 30966.

–SAVANNAH 8/15/2016 9:06:06 AM

Directions say to attach the black wire to fuse box or fused battery lead. I was going to make a fuseable lead and connect to my vehicle's batter but directions don't specify what amperage fuse. Please advise. Thanks! Everything else is straight forward. Facile à installer.

–Martin 5/21/2015 3:38:44 AM

Please use the U-Haul 20 amp circuit breaker part 13520 found at your nearest U-Haul hitch location at the low price of $3.95

–Joseph 5/26/2015 4:32:36 PM

I have a 2004 tundra double cab w/ pre wired tow hitch and plug. was going to pull trailer but trailer has 4 flat connector and my truck as a female circular plug connection. What kind of adapter do I need?

–john 11/16/2014 9:49:50 AM

Please use U-Hauls 7-way blade to 4-way flat adapter part 47335. http://www.uhaul.com/MovingSupplies/Wiring-lights/Adapters/Nite-Glow-Adapter-7-way-RV-round-to-4-way-flat?id=720

–Ronald 11/17/2014 11:19:48 AM

does this accomodate a 2004 Infiniti FX35?

–Holly 2/8/2014 11:16:51 AM

Our hitch pro writes: "30955 will not work on the Infiniti FX35. Assuming that you need a 7rd plug, please use U-Haul wiring part 14493 and 47185."

–Ronald 2/10/2014 9:31:24 AM

Wiring instructions available?

–Jim 1/13/2014 10:52:41 AM

Our U-Haul hitch pro writes: "The wiring instructions for 30955 and similar part 30966 will be provided soon, sorry for the delay."

–Ronald 1/15/2014 8:52:40 AM

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