Adaptive Reuse in San Francisco, CA at U-Haul Moving & Storage at Candlestick

Histoire du bâtiment

Written in 1908, the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" featured the famous chorus of "buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack." Coincidentally, just two years prior to writing that song, the founders of Planters Peanuts embarked on a journey that would make them a household name.

Twenty years later, in 1928, Planters expanded their company by building another factory in San Francisco. For 50 years, Planters occupied this gorgeous building in the Bay Area. Commuters on Highway 101 could see the Mr. Peanut sign on the top of the building as they drove by.

When Planters vacated the building in 1977, U-Haul moved in. Of course, demolishing a building with such character and history wasn't even considered. Following our long-standing sustainable business practices, U-Haul converted this building to a vital resource for the area.

The more than six-acre site features four buildings with various functions. One large building and part of a second are home to more than 1 900 storage rooms. The other two buildings on the property are used for maintaining our rental trucks, vans and trailers as well as housing our U-Box portable storage pods. In addition to all of the services that this facility provides San Franciscans, the location is also home to our San Francisco corporate offices.

More than 35 years later, U-Haul is a fixture in the San Francisco community. Our team takes pride in helping to make moving easier for anyone coming into or out of the area.

Impact environnemental

Au service des clients depuis 1977, cet emplacement a été construit par réutilisation adaptative d'un bâtiment abandonné. La réutilisation adaptative favorise l'aménagement intercalaire dans le but de renforcer les communautés. Parmi les bienfaits obtenus, la réutilisation a permis d'éviter :

  • 1 801 tons of metal manufacturing & transportation avoided
  • le coulage de 5 933 tonnes de nouveau béton
  • 9 395 tons construction and demolition debris avoided

Energy-efficiency and waste-reduction programs at this facility provide the following estimated benefits each
year for this San Francisco community:

  • réaliser des économies de 248 139 kWh par année
  • 9 746 821 lbs greenhouse gas emissions avoided


  • Utilisation de l'acier

    Steel Production 1 801 tons (1 634 tonnes) of steel manufacturing and delivery saved to date

  • Consommation d'énergie

    Énergie Économies de 248 139 kWh par année

  • Utilisation du béton

    Béton Coulage de 5 933 tonnes (5 384 tonnes) de nouveau béton évité à ce jour.

  • Émissions de CO2

    Émissions 9 746 821 lb (4 421 129 kgs) d'émissions de gaz à effet de serre ont été évitées

  • Débris pour les sites d'enfouissement

    Débris pour les sites d'enfouissement 9 395 lb (8 525 kg) de débris de construction ont été évitées

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