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Storage Spaces Available at this Facility
(All Sizes are Approximate)

Entreposage avec accès routier

Entreposage avec accès routier

Located outside, drive up storage units provide customers convenience. Much like a garage at home, pull up with a vehicle anytime during access hours to quickly load and unload your possessions.

  • Exemple de disposition de local d’entreposage

    5 pi x 10 pi x 8 pi

    Accès en voiture, 1er étage extérieur, sans climatisation
    Maison de 1 à 2 pièces (jusqu'à 1 200 pi ca)

    89,95 $
    par mois

Vehicle Storage (RV, Boat, Car & More)

Vehicle Storage (RV, Boat, Car & More)

Keep vehicles secure, avoid space limitations at home, and avoid neighborhood ordinances. Vehicle storage options include open parking space, covered spaces, or indoor/enclosed storage.

  • 8 pi x 18 pi x 99 pi

    VR/bateau/véhicule/stationnement, 1er étage, niveau extérieur, sans climatisation, sans électricité
    Entreposage pour VR, bateau et véhicule

    44,95 $
    par mois

U-Box® Containers for Moving and Storage

Nous livrons des conteneurs U-Box, vous les remplissez et nous les entreposons dans notre entrepôt sécurisé. Chargez à votre rythme! Il suffit de nous appeler pour la livraison ou le ramassage de vos conteneurs U-Box.

Choisissez U-Haul comme lieu d’entreposage à Carson City, Nevada, 89701

Avantageusement situé au 1498 E William, U-Haul Moving & Storage of Carson City est un des premiers établissements de libre-entreposage de U-Haul. Cet établissement d’entreposage, qui offre un environnement propre, sec et sécuritaire, ne coûte rien à réserver et offre une grande gamme de choix relativement aux besoins d’entreposage des clients.

Unités petites, moyennes ou grandes disponibles

Cet établissement offre des unités de plusieurs grandeurs pour satisfaire à vos besoins. Besoin d’aide pour choisir la bonne grandeur? Consultez notre Guide des grandeurs de libre-entreposage pour obtenir de l’aide supplémentaire.

Commodités supplémentaires :

  • Accès 24 heures sur 24 disponible : Demandez si l’entreposage de 24 heures sur 24 est disponible. Accédez à vos effets lorsque vous en avez besoin hors des heures d’accès normales.
  • Entreposage à accès routier : Cet établissement offre un accès routier commode à ses unités. Approche-vous avec votre véhicule, chargez-le ou déchargez-le et reprenez la route.
  • Entreposage de véhicule : Stationnez votre voiture, bateau, VR ou autre véhicule motorisé à cet établissement. Renseignez-vous sur les particularités en offre, y compris les postes de vidange, les prises électriques, les endroits couverts, et plus encore.

Storage Customer Reviews

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jeffery h. | Expérience générale |

I had to wait for 40 minutes every time I had to go in and the guy was super rude on the phone when I called.

Michael V. | Expérience générale |

I found it off-putting, that I was given an access card for accessIng the roll-down storage units within a fenced-in area; but could only access the storage units during business hours! The map and paperwork stated the site was accessible from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, which was not true and was incorrect! I consequently made a wasted, 80-mile round trip to the storage unit...wasting 3 hours of my valuable time, to load a trailer (a UHaul trailer no less), drive there, and not get access. To make matters worse, the signage at the property had the phone number listed of a previous manager (who was quite polite!), and she gave me the number to the new General Manager, who was not happy to be getting a call after hours. Seemed dismissive of my frustrations. This was a verbal communication blunder upon getting the unit, and a printed error problem on both the maps, and the signage at the electronic gate (on the fence). The only good result of this, was that the assistant manager was able to provide a remedy to my displeasure.

Shirley M. | Expérience générale |

The general manager at the Williams location took his time and explained everything for bothe the storage and renting of truck.

Ana W. | Premières impressions |

Got in and got out quickly, effectively and efficiently!

James R. | Expérience générale |

The facility is nice however the service is poor and unprofessional. While waiting in line employees are on the phone arguing with customers and swearing after they hang up with them. We encountered this on multiple occasions.

Michael V. | Premières impressions |

Customer did not leave a comment.

Jim S. | Expérience générale |

Customer did not leave a comment.

Jackie B. | Premières impressions |

Customer did not leave a comment.

robert b. | Premières impressions |

Customer did not leave a comment.

Jacqueline C. | Online Move In |

The general manager at the East William road facility was extremely helpful ion move in. This was an emergergency move in and she was wonderful!

jerron p. | Expérience générale |

Customer did not leave a comment.

Gail J. | Expérience générale |

Customer did not leave a comment.

vickie a. | Premières impressions |

The manager was amazing and very professional. It was a great experience!

Jeffrey T. | Expérience générale |

Great place, great staff!

Trisha C. | Premières impressions |

Everything was great the staff was great

David M. | Expérience générale |

The only annoyance was the gate access system. I had two different storage units. Each time, the access did not work at first. The staff said it sometimes takes 5-10 minutes to provision. That is ridiculous and should be remedied. Other than that, the experience was great. The staff were very helpful. The manager, Killian, was excellent and professional.

JANET B. | Premières impressions |

Are you kidding? We were assured we reserved a storage space and when we showed up NONE WERE AVAILABLE! All packed up and no where to go. Your call center is the shits.

THOMAS L. | Expérience générale |

Killian was great!!!

kevin m. | Expérience générale |

Great company! There when you need them.

Jeffrey T. | Premières impressions |

Craig was was very helpful and fast.

henry p. | Expérience générale |

Your manager dont remember her name gets it done thank you.

Jim S. | Premières impressions |

Needed to make a truck size change, Uhaul was able to find appropriate one quickly to make move schedule on time. The storage facility is nice to have in case move in is delayed.

Michael C. | Expérience générale |

The fact your online profile doesn’t matter when it comes to updating payment options. You want the person to come in and deal with a staff who is so unprofessional and clueless, truly the worst.

Hilary G. | Expérience générale |

This is absolutely the WORST U-Haul store I’ve ever run across. I’ve been a U-Haul customer for decades, across multiple states.. and yeah, most disorganized, rude, dirty employees ever.

Teresa C. | Premières impressions |

The staff was great and we found the entire process of getting a storage unit to be a very smooth one. Access was also very convenient and the facility appears to be very clean and well maintained.

No reviews have been submitted for this location.

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