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Veuillez nous appeler ou nous visiter si vous voulez des renseignements sur ce qui est offert à l’établissement ou essayez un des établissements ci-dessous.

U-Box® Containers for Moving and Storage

Nous livrons des conteneurs U-Box, vous les remplissez et nous les entreposons dans notre entrepôt sécurisé. Chargez à votre rythme! Il suffit de nous appeler pour la livraison ou le ramassage de vos conteneurs U-Box.

Choisissez U-Haul comme lieu d’entreposage à Rockledge, Florida, 32955

Avantageusement situé au 213 Dixie Ln, U-Haul Moving & Storage of Cocoa est un des premiers établissements de libre-entreposage de U-Haul. Cet établissement d’entreposage, qui offre un environnement propre, sec et sécuritaire, ne coûte rien à réserver et offre une grande gamme de choix relativement aux besoins d’entreposage des clients.

Unités petites, moyennes ou grandes disponibles

Cet établissement offre des unités de plusieurs grandeurs pour satisfaire à vos besoins. Besoin d’aide pour choisir la bonne grandeur? Consultez notre Guide des grandeurs de libre-entreposage pour obtenir de l’aide supplémentaire.

Commodités supplémentaires :

  • Accès 24 heures sur 24 disponible : Demandez si l’entreposage de 24 heures sur 24 est disponible. Accédez à vos effets lorsque vous en avez besoin hors des heures d’accès normales.
  • Entreposage climatisé : Cet établissement maintient la température entre 65 et 85 degrés à longueur d’année grâce à un système qui protège vos affaires contre la température et l’humidité.

Storage Customer Reviews

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WAYNE P. | Expérience générale |

I could no longer use uhaul due to finances and injury but you always had Great service. Wayne perel

Virginia K. | Premières impressions |

Well trained staff! Efficient, friendly and accommodating during stressful time.

Gia J. | Expérience générale |

So after attempting to close my storage earlier than a month since I found somewhere to reside ONLY 3 DAYS after paying the entire $135 for my unit I was told by the people over the phone & the manager at the Rockledge location that I was unable to be prorated any amount & that it was up to the location manager. Next from the very beginning I was offered a one way deal so that when I used the Uhual truck my first month of storage is free. After arguing & still paying the money upfront 2 weeks later I was told it was stay on my account instead of being refunded back to me. I will never tell anyone to return from here. Also if your going to offer such large units atleast have a light in the back of the unit! I only liked for one or two people to assist me at this location. One of the guys I no longer see he left & Darryl. Darryl is beyond nice & helpful! From returning the uhual unloading it as well & any time before I left. Please let him kno his hard work is never unnoticed!

Randolph A. | Expérience générale |

Customer did not leave a comment.

Juan S. | Premières impressions |

Definitely satisfied

DARLENE T. | Expérience générale |

I appreciate every thing about Uhaul Storage and everyone was always friendly with us. I want to thank everyone who works for being so helpful and friendly.

Michael Leroy T. | Expérience générale |

After having my unit broke into twice, nothing was done. Not a phone call, as promised, from management. No response from the c/s line. But it's all for the best right? "The new facility will be open soon, and we are referring are current good customers to move there." Shady business practices at best. I thought you might have at least tried.

Wayne F. | Expérience générale |

Great place

Theresa R. | Premières impressions |

Always someone new that is not well trained. The storage unit has broken bricks against the back wall and a pipe (of course the employee had no idea what runs through the pipe). Embarassing

Pamela F. | Expérience générale |

Very clean facility and very friendly helpful staff

Melody R. | Expérience générale |

Daryl and J were amazing ! Courteous, and helpful. Not like the experience I had coming from Paducah, Ky. It renewed my faith in customer appreciation and professionalism. Two promotions?! Great exp

JENNIFER O. | Premières impressions |


DANIELLE B. | Expérience générale |

Access hours changed.Key pad broken.Second floor not secure. Manager needs customer service training. Storage unit broken into because not secure units.Closing took over 2 weeks for to do their job.

Andrew m. | Expérience générale |

Greg and Daryl are excellent professionals

MEGAN M. | Expérience générale |

Good storage facility

ROGER L. | Expérience générale |

Service was poor. When trying to resolve issues with u-haul you could not get a hold of anyone because the phone was always being transferred to customer service. U-haul breaks promises.

Lori G. | Expérience générale |

Unable to contact a person when I call that is actually in Cocoa, left messages with the answering service and still never a call. Rat traps in my unit. Horrible when moving, locked doors on us.NEVER

Thomas E. | Premières impressions |

Do young lady who helped me was very helpful knowledgeable and polite. She made sure everything was just right took me back today you need to look it over and showed me how to use the keypad and I app

Sabina T. | Premières impressions |

Thank you all for your assistance

DANIELLE B. | Expérience générale |

not happy. The key pads do not work all the time. I was lied to about the time I could access times. I was told 7to10. Now it's store hours. Had to take off work to get moved. Not impressed!!!!!!

misty b. | Premières impressions |

Great customer service very helpful will recommend this facility thank you

JAMES H. | Expérience générale |

Very professional, friendly and helpful

christopher e. | Expérience générale |

great experience....they were prompt and helpful

Shawn S. | Expérience générale |

Parking was horrible. Hours were not convenient. Staff was unprofessional.

Larry R. | Premières impressions |

The first month "free" storage after trailer rental with required insurance purchase was an unpleasant surprise.

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