Moving Truck Rental in Orlando, FL at Hi Tech Auto Repair
(Concessionnaire U-Haul dans le voisinage)

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815 S Semoran Blvd   Orlando, FL 32807

(407) 380-3988

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(407) 380-3988

815 S Semoran Blvd
Orlando, FL 32807

Services dans cet établissement :

Heures d'ouverture de l'établissement

  • Lun - ven : 8h am à 5h pm
  • Sam - dim : fermé
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Location de camions

One-Way and In-Town Local Rentals in Orlando, FL 32807

U-Haul compte la plus grande sélection de camions et remorques de location locaux et à sens unique dans votre région. U-Haul offre un processus de déménagement simple lorsque vous louez un camion ou une remorque, ce qui comprend : remorques fermées, remorques ouvertes, remorques pour voiture et remorques pour motocyclette. Combinez vos efforts de déménagement en louant un camion et une remorque à U-Haul dès aujourd’hui!

Services supplémentaires à cet emplacement

  • Icône de camion de déménagement
    Camions de déménagement

    Nous avons la plus grande sélection de camions neufs!

  • Icône de remorque
    Remorques et remorquage

    Nos remorques fermées et ouvertes sont offertes à partir de 14,95 $!

  • Icône de fournitures de déménagement
    Accessoires de déménagement

    Nous vendons des centaines de produits qui facilitent les déménagements!

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5 évaluations

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Excellent service and prompt

Iradly R. 

The crank to raise and lower the trailer on and off the hitch has a sharp bolt head welded on the catches forearm when using crank which tore a large hole in my forearm. Needs to be covered.

Robert R. 

The truck reserved with my reservation was not available, however on the premises, but they did not have the key. I called the 800 # for U-Haul & on hold for more than 20 minutes & explained the situation & asked if I could use the other truck - same equipment with a separate serial number. I was put on hold while the U-Haul rep called the person across the counter & she explained that she had no training from corporate as they had not-showed for 3 training appointments. She further explained that she had no system to change to show a different serial number. The U-Haul rep came back on the phone after I was again put on hold & told me to take the vehicle. This took more than an hour & my staging items from my listing were simply being moved to another house. I did not meet my planned deadline as I had an appointment with a new client at 6pm & had to use the truck the next morning to finish by going to my destination here in Winter Springs to my new listing & then drop off the truck in Oviedo. That process took more than an hour as well. The cost for my lost time far exceeded having professional movers. This was a simple 2 hour max job. The following day after the drop off, I answered a call from the local U-Haul in Oviedo who explained that I did not drop off the truck. Once again, I had to relive & explain what U-HAUL had done. Shame on you! Why didn't a representative reach out to me & offer help & apologize for these series of events. Laura Leigh Wood 407.310.4909

Laura W. 
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