• Pas de dépôt ni de frais de gestion
  • Vidéosurveillance 24 heures
  • Informez-vous au sujet de notre plan de paiements automatiques par carte de crédit
  • Accès contrôlé électroniquement
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  • La protection Safestor
  • Faites votre paiement en ligne!
  • L'entreposage à l'intérieur offre deux fois plus de protection et de sécurité
  • Camions d'emménagement
  • Propre - Sec - Sécuritaire
  • Acceptation et réception de paquets
  • Gestion de compte en ligne gratuite
  • Cadenas, boîtes, accessoires d'emballage
  • Quais de chargement pratiques
  • Utilisation gratuite des chariots de chargement
  • Dimensions de pièces pour tous les besoins
  • Votre cadenas/votre clé
  • Tarifs abordables
  • Toilettes propres pour les clients
  • Service de chariot élévateur à fourche sur place : palettes et envois de grande taille
  • Faites remplir vos réservoirs à propane ici
  • Accès 24 heures offert
  • Stationnement offert sur les lieux
  • Réception d'envoi de palettes
  • Ouvert 7 jours par semaine!

Storage Spaces Available at this Facility
(All Sizes are Approximate)

Entreposage à demi-niveaux

Entreposage à demi-niveaux

Split-level storage units are located on one floor but divided into an upper and lower level. Upper level units may require stair access, while providing the same level of security and convenience as other storage units.

  • Exemple de disposition de local d’entreposage

    8 pi x 8 pi x 8 pi

    Demi-niveaux, 1er étage, niveau supérieur, chauffé
    Maison de 1 à 2 pièces (jusqu'à 1 200 pi ca)

    89,95 $
    par mois

  • Exemple de disposition de local d’entreposage

    8 pi x 10 pi x 6 pi

    Demi-niveaux, 1er étage, niveau rue, chauffé
    Maison de 1 à 2 pièces (jusqu'à 1 200 pi ca)

    104,95 $
    par mois

U-Box® Containers for Moving and Storage

Nous livrons des conteneurs U-Box, vous les remplissez et nous les entreposons dans notre entrepôt sécurisé. Chargez à votre rythme! Il suffit de nous appeler pour la livraison ou le ramassage de vos conteneurs U-Box.

Choisissez U-Haul comme lieu d’entreposage à Wyoming, Michigan, 49509

Avantageusement situé au 2720 Burlingame Ave SW, U-Haul Moving & Storage at Burlingame est un des premiers établissements de libre-entreposage de U-Haul. Cet établissement d’entreposage, qui offre un environnement propre, sec et sécuritaire, ne coûte rien à réserver et offre une grande gamme de choix relativement aux besoins d’entreposage des clients.

Unités petites, moyennes ou grandes disponibles

Cet établissement offre des unités de plusieurs grandeurs pour satisfaire à vos besoins. Besoin d’aide pour choisir la bonne grandeur? Consultez notre Guide des grandeurs de libre-entreposage pour obtenir de l’aide supplémentaire.

Commodités supplémentaires :

  • Accès 24 heures sur 24 disponible : Demandez si l’entreposage de 24 heures sur 24 est disponible. Accédez à vos effets lorsque vous en avez besoin hors des heures d’accès normales.
  • Entreposage climatisé : Cet établissement maintient la température entre 65 et 85 degrés à longueur d’année grâce à un système qui protège vos affaires contre la température et l’humidité.

Storage Customer Reviews

Dustin W. | Premières impressions |

The check in process was fine. After getting a flat 9 mins from our location we had to wait 5 hours for roadside assistance because not only did it take almost an hour to just get a hold of someone they got our location wrong sent after waiting 2.5 hours then had to wait another hour for a guy when the job took less then 5 mins to fix. The office was poorly staffed and the assistance line was overwhelmed and understaffed.

valerie b. | Expérience générale |

It took a long time to access my belongings towed while in hospital. Uhaul put my stuff in storage and then charged me for it instead of allowing me to retrieve my belongings. My relationship w Uhaul sucked.

Antionette L. | Online Move In |

Every time I have to go to my storage I have to have someone open it for me because when I put my code in it says access denied.

Lydia T. | Expérience générale |

When I first got the storage I purchased a lock and it was not given to me. Had to go to the dollar store and get one. The only helpful people there was were the regular workers and the guy asst mgr

jodell B. | Expérience générale |

The play is and everything else was perfect thank you for your service and hospitali

ryan w. | Expérience générale |

No additional comments

Shaun h. | Expérience générale |

If you are looking for an excellent place look no further and visit this awesome location!!!

Renita N. | Premières impressions |

Customer service was phenomenal .The staff Was very helpful step by step instructions. Will be returning soon. Thank you so much.

Carter M. | Expérience générale |

The storage facility was supposed to be securely locked indoors, but for months if you turned the handle to the security door upwards it would open without the key card. I reported this several times.

Alan C. | Premières impressions |

Staff at the Burlingame facility were very unprofessional. They were not welcoming and not interested in providing quality service. Customers kept getting passed around. Camera in storage faced wall.

mildred t. | Expérience générale |

I was lie to from the 8 hundred number for the uhaul reservation lady said that I would have a storge place XL I asked for when I got there it was not one available, so I had to wait four days, it

Ramona D. | Premières impressions |

The storage units on line aren’t even the way the units truly are in person‼️‼️ And I was told I HAD to purchase a U-Haul lock. This will be my first and last time renting anything U-Haul.

Brenda R. | Expérience générale |

Not only did they need to on storage so when I drive for 13 hours to unload, I could not! Forcing me to leave the 20' truck and trailer. The cell to call if I has a problem this will not allow me to

Charles F. | Expérience générale |

No comment

Alfreda L. | Expérience générale |

Uhal provided excellent service to me as a customer at the Burlington street location in Wyoming Michigan.

Mike R. | Reservation |

Did not use

jeff f. | Expérience générale |

I found it to be A great place too Store my belonging Just all aaaaaaa God bless every body That work their christa Was super she should Area manger

brian n. | Expérience générale |

Have a great day!

paul d. | Expérience générale |

Everything was great 👍

hannah t. | Expérience générale |

There were problems every step of the way and we did not end up with what we were promised.

jens p. | Expérience générale |

There storage unit was not what I reserved. False advertisement and fraudulent ways of action.

Shannica T. | Expérience générale |

The manager Lisa was very very rude and unprofessional she made inappropriate comments about my personal account load and in front of a store full of customers and proceeded to argue with me.

No reviews have been submitted for this location.

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